Ali (full name Alison) is a female Unquillosaurus that will appear in the upcoming fanfictions Happy Feet/Ice Age crossover, Ice Age 9: The Revenge of the Mothman, Mothman/Ice Age crossover and Descent/Ice Age crossover. She is voiced by Miranda Cosgrove.

Physical appearanceEdit

She has blue skin, and a light blue underbelly. She has light blue eyes, and yellow eyeballs.


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This article contains plot details about an upcoming episode.

Happy Feet/Ice Age crossoverEdit

She first appears in the dino-world when her and her boyfriend Drake are being chased by Scar Eye, an albino baryonyx. They escapes from him and ends up in Snow Valley and makes friends with the surviving Sub-Zero Heroes, except Manny, who dosen't trust them.

Ice Age 9: The Revenge of the MothmanEdit

She is living in the future and is attack by the Mothman, and ends up in the ice age again, to warn the about the threat. She has stolen several Heavy Burst Rifle HBR.50s from Dino-Hunter Rick with out him knowing. After a while the whole gang and the mothman end up in the future again, along with Sylvia, Jennifer and Rachel.

Mothman/Ice Age crossoverEdit

She is now living in the ice age, and a guanlong from the herd is found dead. She suspects it's the mothman again just by seeing the wounds. The dilophosaurus herd shows up and tells them it is a black creature with glowing red eyes, that rips you apart. Now they know it's the mothman and have to find another way to kill it, for good.


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