Barry 2

Barry is the male baryonyx who appeared in Chapter 12 of ice age: The time kids. He is also the one who 'saved' Josiah from being found by Rudy along the river.

Role in the storyEdit

He was originally supposed to be Flood's mate, until she fell in love with Rudy. Barry also seemed to be curious about Josiah and didn't mind sharing some of the fish he caught. Even though Josiah didn't want eat the fish, he would be offending Barry and his generous offer. When Barry sensed Rudy was near, he picked Josiah up and took him to Baryonyx Cave.

Although Barry is the next in line to be the leader, he is some-what disappointed that Siva chose Rudy instead of him. But he got over it and gave Siva a goodbye nod.


Barry is caring and thoughtfull of others. He never keeps fish to himself and shares with the hatchlings in the cave. But he does not tolerate Scar-Eye's behavior in the herd, even if he is the lieutenant. He typically tries to break up any fights or arguments between others in baryonyx cave, although he is prone to sometimes getting caught up in the heat himself. This often makes him look bad in front of the elder. He aimes to please the elder anyway he can by proving himself that he can lead a herd.


Barry has brown scales with a cream underbelly and bluish eyes. Along his back are a row of small spikes. He was 33 feet long and 8 feet tall and Josiah guessed he weighed about 1.7 tons.

Image GalleryEdit

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