Fandom This article is purely fandom and was fan-made. It is not considered canon to the main Ice Age series.

Bill and Will Meet Scrat is a fan-fiction short crossover with Happy Feet and Ice Age written by MarioFan65.


  • Bill the Krill
  • Will the Krill
  • Scrat


(In a snowy cold place, Bill and Will are searching for food)

  • Bill: Man, it been like an hour to find food.
  • Will: I think, we can discover some on the food chain.
  • Bill: The food chain? This is much worse than last time.
  • Will: You never think about that you know.

(On a mountain, Scrat with his acorn was about to place it on the ice. However, the mountain breaks and caused an earthquake)

  • Will: What the?
  • Bill: What is that thing?
  • Will: I don't know, let's check it out.

(They find out that Scrat has caused the crack)

  • Bill: Who is that creature?
  • Scrat: *started thinking to himself*
  • Bill: It's okay. It will never happen again. We are little tiny krill that lives underwater.

(Scrat hold his acorn on his hand)

  • Will: So? What do you think?

(Scrat changed his mind and started being happy once again)

  • Will: Much better than before.

(Scart hugged Bill and Will)

  • Bill: Awww....this is kinda cute than a penguin hugging us.

(Scrat started to wave goodbye to Bill and Will)

  • Will: See ya later.
  • Bill: Come on, let's discover some places on the food chain.
  • Will: You bet Bill.

(Bill and Will continue on their journey to find food)



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