Dila is the sister of Dilo and a female Dilophosaurus. She appears as the main Antagonist in Ice Age 6. She is voiced by Miranda Cosgrove. She will appear in my next fanfiction Ice Age 7. She appears in Rudy: The Beginning of the Beast as a child along with her brother and they are friends of Guan.


She has Yellow, Blue, Orange and Black scales and very bright Pink eyes. She is about seven feet tall, and a little shorter than her brother, Dilo. She is shorter than her enemy, Guan. She has bright skin for a dilophosaurus, as they usally have pale yellow skin, but she has bright yellow skin.


She is voiced by famous singer and actor Miranda Cosgrove, making this the second movie or series to have Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy star together.


She dies a far more violent death than her brother or Red-Horn. She is knocked down to the cliff below, where she is violently ripped apart by them. After that the dilophosaurus herd promises to leave the Sub-Zero Heroes alone.


  • Dila's death is one of the several charcters deaths that is offscreen.
  • Her death was changed to offscreen because of how graphic and bloody it is.
  • She was originally supposed to be an unrelated female that falls in love Dilo.
  • She was orignally supposed to appear in Ice Age: A New Beginning, but I chose to take her out.


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