Fandom This article is purely fandom and was fan-made. It is not considered canon to the main Ice Age series.

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He is the grandfather of Flood and the step-grandather of Rudy. He makes his appearance in Ice Age: The Time Kids. He wanted his granddaughter, Flood to be Barry's mate, but she chose Rudy.

Role in the StoryEdit

He appeared in the story Ice Age: The Time Kids in chapter 12 as Flood's grandpa and he becomes Rudy's step-grandfather in chapter 19, as Flood and Rudy has become mates. As the elder of baryonyx cave, Flood's grandfather is the leader and trust Barry the most out of all the other baryonyx in the cave.


Flood's grandfather has dull markings along his strong, powerful body. He isn't as big as Barry and Flood but still was an impressive sight. Though old, he still has some of his teeth and claws.

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