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This is a fandom article.

Welcome to the General guidelines for the Ice Age Wiki's fandom space! Here you'll find some basic information about how you can create your own fan article.

What is a fandom article? Edit

Fandom (from the noun fan and the affix -dom, as in kingdom, freedom, etc.) is the term applied to a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of sympathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest[1].

In this case, about the fandom of the Ice Age movie series, a fandom article is an article that was made by anyone who is a fan of the Ice Age movies, who has found this Ice Age Fanon Wiki and has their own ideas and dreams about the Ice Age series.

Normally, an article would have factual information about the characters, movies and crew from the Ice Age films, but a fandom article can have any made up characters, stories and scripts that the author created to express themselves. These articles can involve new characters, new stories (Ice Age 4, Ice Age 5, etc.), or go back and change canon information to the author's will (changing the Ice Age movie plots, etc.). The author is also free to modify a character's background (Manny's family was never killed, Sid wasn't left by his family, etc.) or even create prequel stories (Ice Age 0, etc.). The (blue) sky is the limit.

How do I create a fandom article? Edit

First of all, all fandom article should start with the lagline "Fan:", then, the person is free to write the article as if it was part of the Ice Age Universe.

As an example, if a person is willing to create an article about a fourth movie and already has a title for it, the person should create an article called "Fan:Ice Age: Th4w"[2], then, the person should write normally as if it were a factual article: "Ice Age: Th4w is the fourth film on the Ice Age movie series, the film is about...".

As another example, if a person wants to create an article about a fandom character created exclusively for the fourth film, the article should again start with "Fan:" and then add the name of the fictional character.

In both cases, the creator of the page should always add the "Fan" category to the page and in the case of a character, "Fanficition characters". Also, should you remember that only the person who created the article can edit rightfully their page as it's their own work.

What is the style I need to use for a fandom article? Edit

In the case of an article dealing about another Ice Age movie, the article can go into 2 different styles: wiki style and script style.

When using the Wiki Style, the person will write the page as if it were an article of a wiki, its content would be like those of standard articles, explaining the details of the movie, plot story, characters, etc., it is the style it's used on Ice Age, Ice Age: The Meltdown and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

When using the script style, the person will write a script for the film, a good example is Fan:Ice age 4 the baby dinos. The article can also be writted as if it were a novel, writing like a fanfiction story: "It was early morning during Sunday, Diego was tired from working all day, he and his mate...".

No matter which style you'll use, you'll need to add the {{fanwork}} template and the Fan category.

If a fandom article can only be edited by the author, what would be the point of having a Talk page for article? Edit

A person who has found a grammatical or ortographic mistake on the fanfiction work can point it out to the author in the talk page.

You can also leave reviews in the talk page, or suggest plot changes or improvements to the author of the fan work.

In brief, what are the rules for fandom articles? Edit

  1. All fan articles should start with "Fan:".
  2. All articles should be added to the Fan category, Fanfiction characters in case of articles for original characters.
  3. Fandom articles can only be edited by their creators, this is to respect other people's ideas.
  4. If you want to create an article showing an alternate version/story for a character, you should add _("yourusernamehere") to the end of the article, example: "Fan:Diego_(SNA)", this is to prevent confusion and to allow everyone to have their own version of the Ice Age story.
  5. Please create an account in order to be able to do rule above.
  6. You are free to upload your fanart works here, but DO NOT steal art from websites like deviantART, etc.

Notes Edit

  1. Fandom - Wikipedia, the free enciclopedia
  2. This example was taken from rumors that spread on the Web saying that a fourth Ice Age film was already planned before Ice Age 3 came out, the rumor said that apparently the Sub-Zero heroes would be frozen in a museum in the 21st Century and thaw out as an accident. As of October, 2009, this rumors can't be proven true or false since 20th Century Fox hasn't made an official announcement of a fourth film.

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