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Ice Age Continental Drift
Ice Age: Continental Drift
Directed by
Produced by
Written by ScratteLover2
Narrated by
Starring Ray Romano
Karen Disher
Queen Latifah
Jennette McCurdy
Avril Lavigne
John Leguizamo
Denis Leary
Sean William Scott
Josh Peck
Simon Pegg
Chris Wedge
Carlos Saldanha
Frank Welker
Distributor ScratteLover2
Release date(s) May 8, 2010 (fanfic)
July 12, 2012 (film)
Running time
Country USA
Language English
MPAA Rating PG
Preceded by
Followed by Ice Age: The Revenge of Scar-Face
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Ice Age: Continental Drift is a fanfiction being written by ScratteLover2 to predict what the upcoming fourth Ice Age will be about.

Since this is predicting an actual movie, it will be written in a script format, and be longer than my other fanfictions, it will have four chapters, and an epilogue.

Chapter 1: Opening Credits and The Continents DriftEdit

Scrat is climbing up a glacier of ice searching for Scratte and her acorn.

He comes to a ledge, when he tries to jump on up on it he ends up hanging by his teeth.

He claws on the ledge a few times to pull himself up.

He opens his, and sees Scratte standing in front of him with the acorn.

She just squeaks at him, then goes to walk away.

She hears the ice cracking, and decides to save Scrat from falling.

She sets the acorn down, runs over to him, she grabs him by the hands, and quickly pulls him up, the ice where he was handing falls down into the canyon.

She goes goes to leave, but Scratte stops him.

Scratte points to her stomach which is slightly round, and Scrat gasps, Scratte is pregnant with their children.

The intro credits start playing with the song Walk the Dinosaur

The title card is the first thing shown, it says "ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT", then fades away.

Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom

Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom

Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom

Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom

It was a night like this forty million years ago I played my favorite songs, picked up a monkey skull to go I heard the sound of drums, didn't know where they were from Wherever I was it stared to buzz, and now I'm having fun Everybody walk the dinosaur, they do the do the dinosaur Put your back into it, do the dinosaur They'll be shocked, do the dinosaur

Open the door, get on the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur Open the door, get on the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur Open the door, get on the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur Open the door, get on the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur

Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom

Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom

I met you in a cave, you were painting buffalo I said I'd be your friend, follow wherever you go That night we split a rattlesnake and danced beneath the stars You fell asleep, I stayed awake and watched the passing cars Everybody walk the dinosaur, they do the do the dinosaur Put your back into it, do the dinosaur They'll be shocked, do the dinosaur

Open the door, get on the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur Open the door, get on the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur Open the door, get on the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur Open the door, get on the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur

Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom

Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom

Open the door, get on the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur Open the door, get on the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur Open the door, get on the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur Open the door, get on the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur

Peaches is running towards the cave of her parents.

Peaches: Mommy! Daddy! Wake up! There's someone outside to see you!

Manny and Ellie wake up, and they just tiredly stare at their daughter.

Manny: Peaches, it's early, can't it wait?

Peaches: No, it's not just anyone, it's Uncle Buck!

Manny and Ellie get up suprised

Ellie: Buck? I thought that he stayed in the dino-world!

Manny: He did. So what's he doing here?

Peaches: He didn't tell me, he just wanted to warn you guys about something.

All three mammoths run out of the cave, and they stop infront of Buck.

Ellie: Buck! How'd you get out of the dino-world?

Buck: I found a small hole in the ice, I just climbed through it.

Manny: What did you want to warn us about?

Buck: The continental drift. The continents are slowly spitting apart, and one of them is going to split this valley in half.

Ellie: In half! Wait as second! Dose that mean if we don't plan ahead, we could be split up?

Buck: Exactly, that's why we have to get Sid, Diego and the possums back here quick.

Peaches: I'll get them, I know where their at.

Peahes runs off towards the area where the beavers live to find them.

Manny: Are you sure she'll be okay, going out there by herself?

Ellie: She'll only be gone a few minutes, besides she'll be with Diego, he can handle himself against a few beavers, even Peaches could.

Manny: I know that, but if Buck found a way out of the dino-world, who says none of the dinosars down there can't either, like the ones that tried to kill you.

Buck: You mean guanlongs?

Manny: Yeah, what he said, guanlongs.

Peaches has reached the beaver territory, and sees her friends over by the pond.

Peaches: Guys! Hurry up! You all have to get back to Snow Valley quick! Buck will explain why when we get there.

Diego, Sid, Crash and Eddie: Buck?

Sid: What's Buck doing here?

Diego: Sid, ask questions later, you heard her, let's go.

The possums, jump on Diego's back, and Sid climbs up on Peaches back. Diego, and Peaches start to run to the others.

Once they are back at the meeting area, they don't see any of their friends there. Manny comes out of the cave, and sees them.

Manny: Guys! Hurry up! Get in the cave, quick!

The ice starts cracking where they are standing, Diego, and Peaches start running as fast as they can.

They get in the cave, right when the ice collapses.

Sid: Buck, what's going on? Is there going to be another flood?

Buck: No, this happens every once, and while, the continents start splitting up, and moving apart, I call it continental drift, we'd better stay in this area for a while.

A large cracks starts forming through the mountains, it goes through the lower part of Snow Valley.

It hits the cliff, and starts breaking it apart, the two land masses start slowly drifting apart, splitting Snow Valley in half.

From a bird's eye view of the world, we can see South America and Africa splitting up.

Diego: Great, at least everyone of us is here.

Peaches: Yeah Diego, but what about others. We don't know if any other families were spilt up.

Ellie: Well if they are we can't do anything about it, were just lucky Buck was here to warn us.

Scrat and Scratte are watching the continental drift from up on the glacier, they get up, and start walking away from the cliff.

Scratte picks up the acorn, and thinks, Great, now me and Scrat are going have to find a new home, or atleast some safe place for me to have my kids.

Scrat thinks I hope we can find a new home for our children, one that is high up, and safe from earthquakes.

Scrat, and Scratte walk off into the sunset leaving behind their old home for a new one.

Chapter 2: The Return to the Dinosaur WorldEdit

Ellie: Buck, is there any way to get back to the other side of the cliff, so we can get off this island?

Buck: There is one way, but we'll have to go back through the dino-world, and come out the other exit on that cave over there.

Manny: The Dino-World! We barely survived last time we went in there! I think I'll take my chances on this island.

Peaches: Come on daddy, with Buck with us, we shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Manny: With Buck with us, that means Rudy will be close behind.

Peaches: Yes, but with Sid with us, that means Momma and her kids will being following us, and Momma will probaly protect us from Rudy.

Ellie: Just go Manny, she won't stop until you agree with her.

Manny: Okay, I'll go.

Scrat and Scratte finally come to the end of the glacier, which reveals a large hole in the ground.

They look inside the hole, and see a large green valley, and tons of Dinosaurs.

They jump inside the hole, thinking it would be a better home, they remember that they lived in a tree there once.

They land on a tree branch, they walk inside the tree, and see the couch, and everything else that was there before is still there.

Scrat, and Scratte walk over to the couch, and they fall asleep.

The gang is walking down the skeleton bridge into the dino-world.

Manny: Alright everyone, pay attention in here, this where that dinosaur attacked us remember?

Eddie (smarting off): No, what happended. (Crash slaps him, the Eddie jumps on him, and they start to fight)

Manny: Knock it off! Eddie, you know what were talking about, don't dumb in this blace, that can get you killed.

Crash gets off Eddie.

Eddie: Calm down Manny, I was just joking around. You've known me, you should be used to how I act by now.

Ellie (whispering to Eddie): Eddie, Manny takes his family's safety very seriously, so when were in the dino-world don't be messing around, that goes for you Crash, and you too Buck.

Eddie: Okay?

Buck: What? I have done anything... yet.

The gang come to the ledge at the end of the cave.

Ellie sees the long necked dinosaur from last time. She grabs a bush from the rock.

Ellie: Here boy! Here boy!

The dinosaur comes to Ellie and grabs the leaf.

Manny: Are you telling me that we have to...

Buck: Looks like it, what didn't you like it last time?

Manny: No, I suprised that I still had hair left after sliding down it.

Sid and the possums jump on first.

Sid, Crash and Eddie: Geranimo!

Ellie, and Peaches jump on next, the Diego, and Buck, then Sid, and finally Manny.

Manny: Man, I am really going to hate this!

He jumps on to the dinosaur, and starts sliding down it. The dinosaur lifts its tail up, and Manny goes up into the air.

Everybody runs out of the way, when Manny comes crashing down in front of them.

Buck: I see why he hates sliding down dinosaurs, he is always the one that has the crash landing.

Manny: Hey! You try sliding down a fourty foot lizard, and being flung five feet in the air by, then talk to me about a crash landing!

Buck: I've had worse. I fell off of Rudy's head once when I was riding him, I feel eighty feet, I had a broken arm after that, and you don't hear me complaining, do ya?

Manny: No.

Buck: Exactly, so you try falling off Rudy, and see if you only leave with a broken leg.

The squirrels wake up, and they see the baby dinos running around their house.

The baby dinos stop running around when they see Scrat and Scratte are awake.

Shelly: Good, your finally awake, I thought we were making enough noise.

Ebgert: I never knew it was so hard to wake up two squirrels.

Yoko: Neither did I.

Scrat and Scratte just stare at the baby dinos with a "who are you, and how'd you get in our tree" look.

Shelly: I'm Shelly!

Egbert: I'm Egbert!

Yoko: I'm Yoko!

Shelly: And that's our mother outside. If your wondering how we got here, it was raining outside, and we needed somewhere to get out of the rain.

Yoko: Sorry for waking you up, we just wanted to tell you why we were here.

Momma comes up to the edge of the tree, and her kids climb on to her head.

Momma starts to walk off, but the squirrels jump onto her tail, and they run up her head, to join the baby dinos.

Shelly (jokingly): I see that your girlfriend here has a bun in her oven.

After Shelly says that, Scrat wants to hit her but he knows that he's on the head of their mother, so he dosen't.

Shelly: Don't worry about her. Momma is one of the biggest dinosaurs down here, not many dinosaurs will bother us.

Yoko: What about Rudy?

Shelly: Shhh! Great Yoko, I didn't want them to know about Rudy yet. If your wondering who Rudy is, he's the biggest and meanest dinosaur in our valley. He is even bigger than our mother, hard to believe him and my mother were friends as childr...

Shelly stops talking when she hears a loud dinosaur roaring.

Shelly: Rudy! He's on to us! Mommy, we have to find some place to hide! Rudy's on our trail, let's get to your cave quick.

Momma speeds off into the jungle, and where her foot print his, Rudy steps over it, covering the whole thing.

He walks off into the jungle, having picked up Momma, the three babies, and the two squirrels scents.

Chapter 3: The Revenge of RudyEdit

The roars of Rudy echo through the valley, and Buck is the first one to hear it.

Buck: Wait! Stop! I just heard Rudy roaring!

Peaches: Rudy? Who's Rudy?

Buck: He is the biggest meat eating dino in this valley, he isn't one to be messed with.

Manny: Let's just get going before he finds us, we all remember what almost happened last time.

Sid: I do! He almost ate me! If it wasn't for Momma, I wouldn't be here right now.

Peaches: What?

Ellie: Sid tripped over a vine breaking it, freeing Rudy, Rudy attacked him, and almost killed him. But Momma saved him at the last minute.

Peaches: Sounds like you got lucky Sid, very lucky.

Sid: Yeah, lucky. If I was lucky, that never would have happened.

Buck: Were just glad that your still alive Sid, that's all that matters to us. Your one of the closest things I've had to a family in a long time, that goes for all of you.

They hear a loud, and they see Rudy standing infront of them with his normal evil grin on his face.

Buck: Run!

The gang starts running when Rudy roars loudly again, and starts to chase them.

Sid: Where's Momma when we need her?

Momma hears the roars of Rudy, and Sid screaming, in their language she tells her kids to stay there.

Scrat, and Scratte just look up at the baby dinos, not knowing what Momma said.

Shelly: She said to stay here in this bush till she gets back.

Momma rushes off into the jungle towards the roars and screaming.

Peaches (while running): Did you ever try to and apologize to Rudy for knocking out his tooth?

Buck: No, he dosen't speek our language remember.

Buck, and Peaches get out of the way right before Rudy almost bites down on them.

Peaches: That was close!

Buck: No kidding! How about we save the talking for later?

While running Peaches trips over a rock, and falls to the ground, Buck tries to go back, and save her, but Rudy is too close.

Buck: No! Peaches!

The others stop running, and they are all frozen with fear when they see Rudy coming into kill Peaches.

Before Rudy can strike, Momma comes running out from the jungle, charges right into Rudy, and begins to shove him towards the cliff just like last time.

She shoves Rudy into a tree right on the edge, it splits at the trunk, as Rudy is falling down into the chasm, Momma roars in victory.

She turns around, and sees that her friends are okay, then she remembers she has to go find her children, before anything else dose.

Ellie: Thank you Momma, how about you go find your kids, and you join us until we can find a way out of the dino-world, and maybe stay with us in Snow Valley.

Momma nods her head, and walks off into the jungle to retrive her children, and the two squirrels.

A few minutes go by, and Momma finally reaches the camp.

Shelly: Did you get rid of Rudy, is Sid and the others okay?

Momma growls in their language for them to come with her, the three babies, and their new friends follow her back through the Jungle, not knowing that the guanlong herd is watching her kids, and the squirrels.

Chapter 4: The Return to Snow ValleyEdit

Buck: So, Rudy's, dead?

Shelly: Yes, why?

Buck: It's just that I've known Rudy for years, and he's the reason I stayed down here. Now that he's dead, I guess I'm going to Snow Valley with you guys.

Eddie: You are? Don't you have any friends or family down here that you have to go to?

Buck: No, Rudy killed them all, and I was the only one that survived.

Crash: Why didn't you tell us that last time we were here?

They hear a loud roar, and Rudy thinks that it is Rudy.

Buck: Rudy! He's alive!

But when Buck sees Momma, and her children come through the opening, he knows that Rudy is dead.

Sid: Momma! Our kids have grown alot since I last saw you!

Diego: That's because it was thirteen years ago, Sid.

Shelly: It's good to see you to Sid. It was a boring thirteen years with out you.

The gang just stair at Shelly when they hear her talk.

Sid: You can talk?

Shelly: Yes, so can Egbert, and Yoko, we learned from hearing you and your friends talk, and we practiced for those thirteen years since we last saw you.

Yoko: Our other told us that she was going to take us to Snow Valley so we could live there, instead of here.

Sid: Well, Yoko, that is true. But I'm warning you now, you'll have to get used to the cold there.

Egbert: I'm pretty sure that we'd be used to it for as long as we lived in Snow Valley with guys. That is where we're going right?

Sid: Yes.

Yoko walks over to Manny with a guily look on his face.

Yoko: Manny, I'm sorry for breaking your ice moble when I was a kid. I'll even fix it for you.

Manny: Apology accepted, and I had Sid fix it already, so you don't have to worry about it.

Yoko: Okay, but is there anything I can do to make up for breaking it?

Manny: You've already done it by apologizing, let's just get back to Snow Valley before...

Manny is cut off by the screeching of the guanlongs.

Manny: ...the guanlongs attack.

Buck: Egbert, Yoko, Shelly, Peaches, Scrat, Scratte stay back, we'll take care of the guanlongs, just stay here.

Ellie, and Sid stay behind to make sure that the kids don't get hurt, and the others go into the canyon to run off the guanlongs.

Manny: Where are the guanlongs? I heard them screeching.

Eddie: Uhhh...

Eddie is pointing behind Manny, he turns around, and sees the guanlongs on the ledge behind him.

Ellie walks over to the baby dinos, and she sees that Scratte's stomach is slightly large.

She just looks at Scratte with confusion.

Shelly: She's expecting kids, they could be coming any minute, I hope that you know how to help a squirrel have their kids.

Ellie: I do, but I'm to big for Scratte, I'll crush her. I'll have to show you how to do it, you should be to much weight on Scratte.

Shelly: Ugh! Do I have to do it? Why not Sid?

Ellie: Two reasons, your a girl, and you weigh less than any of us.

Shelly: Great, just tell me how, and let's get this over with.

A guanlong jumps at Manny, and he hits it with his tusks. It goes straight into a rock wall knocking it unconcious.

The other guanlongs retreat, Manny can hear Scratte screaming and grunting from up on the cliff.

Manny: Sounds like the female squirrel is in trouble! We'd better get back their! We don't know its guanlongs or what!

They reach the top of the cliff, and they see Shelly trying to help Scratte give birth.

They all, quickly head back down to the lower cliff to wait until Shelly's done.

A few minutes go by, and the gang down below can here to small squeaking sounds.

Shelly: I'm done. I hope I never have to do that again! That was disqusting! I was hungry, but now I can't even think about food.

Shelly moves out of the way, and they can see Scratte holding her two kids, and she has a leaf over her lower half.

Shelly goes down to the pond to wash up, the gang is admiring the babies when they hear Shelly screaming.

Sid: Wait here! Me, Manny, Diego, and Buck will go!

They run to the ledge, and they see Shelly up in a tree, with three guanlongs down below.

Manny, and Diego jump down, they precede to chase the guanlongs back into the canyon.

Shelly jumps down, and she lands on the ledge.

Shelly: Now I'm glad that we're moving to Snow Valley, we won't have to worry about guanlongs there.

A half hour goes by, and we see the gang walking up the third skeleton bridge into Snow Valley.

They come out the exit of the cave, and they baby dinos start playing in the snow.

They baby dinos stop playing around, and the just look around at all their friends.

Shelly: So we finally reached a place where we don't have to worry about dinosaurs and our lives every day.

Sid: This place was destroyed by the earthquake, that's why we didn't find anyone here, they all probaly moved back to the Great Valley.

Ellie: That's mean we'll all have to move there.

The gang, along with Momma, and her kids start to walk through the opening in outer rim of the valley, searching for a new home. The screen fades black, and the end credits roll, and the song "Brand New You" by Miranda Cosgrove plays in the end credits.


File:Miranda Cosgrove - Brand New You - Full Song (HD)



Main CastEdit

Ray Romano Manny
Karen Disher Scratte
Queen Latifah Ellie
Jennette McCurdy Peaches
Avril Lavigne Shelly
John Leguizamo Sid
Denis Leary Diego
Sean William Scott Crash
Josh Peck Eddie
Simon Pegg Buck
Chris Wedge Scrat
Carlos Saldanha
Carlos Saldanha Egbert
Frank Welker Momma (uncredited)
Frank Welker Rudy (uncredited)


The sequel to this one will be Ice Age: The Revenge of Scar-Face.

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