Fandom This article is purely fandom and was fan-made. It is not considered canon to the main Ice Age series.

Ice Age: Journey to Antartica
Directed by
Produced by
Written by ScratteLover2
Narrated by
Starring Anne Hathaway
Annie Golden
Brittany Murphy
Karen Disher
Tinsley Grimes
Zooey Deschanel
Music Evanescence
Editing ScratteLover2
Distributor ScratteLover2
Release date(s) June 19, 2010
Running time
Country United States
Language English
MPAA Rating PG for Some Crude Humor
Preceded by Ice Age 10: Shelly's Long Lost Sister
Followed by
IMDb profile

Ice Age: Journey to Antartica (also known as Surf's Up Ice Age!, The Acorn and the Squirrel, and Ice Age 11: Journey to Antartica) is a crossover of The Pebble and the Penguin, Happy Feet, Surf's Up, Rio and Ice Age.


The Sub-Zero Heroes remember the friends, Gloria, Erik, Mumble, Memphis and Norma Jean came back to the ice age with them, and they are living on a island a few miles outside of Snow Valley. Once they arrive there, they meet Marina (Annie Golden) and Hubie (Martin Short), two new friends, and they find out that Scar Eye is still alive, and he somehow ended up on the island.


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