Fandom This article is purely fandom and was fan-made. It is not considered canon to the main Ice Age series.

Ice Age: The Journey Together is a fanfiction by Mujtaba Talib.


Ice Age: The Journey Together begins when The Core starts to rotate slowly and the Snow Valley starts to break apart and the land is breaking to form new continents and Lava Falls is completely filled with lava and floods the land with the lava.However, the dinosaurs find out that there is an entrance to a world above and they exit the Dinosaur World to go to the Ice Age. Meanwhile, the Sub-Zero Heroes find out that the dinosaurs are roaming free in the Ice Age and they don't seem to see Buck so they go to the completely lava filled Dinosaur World to find him. However, they find Momma and the Baby Dinos trapped at a ground platform and they can't cross it and in under a minute, it will melt, killing the T-rexes, but before it could, Buck appears in the nick of time and frees the T-rex family. Momma apologizes Buck for saving her babies and herself and they continue the journey until the Sub-Zero-Heroes are shocked to discover that the Dino World is filled with lava and they reach the surface only to to see the ice breaking apart and the land breaking to form new lands. The heroes then find out that the core is rotating slowly and they set off for a journey to reach a new home. However, the Ankylosaurus attacks the group and Diego is seperated and was cornered and was about to be killed until Buck uses vines to Trap the Ankylosaur. Diego apologizes Buck and continue searching for a new home. Rudy however encounters a 28 meter long and 19 meter tall Giganotosaurus named Blood-Kill and almost mortally wounds him. Blood-Kill then leavs Rudy at the ice to die, but Rudy is found by the Sub-Zero-Heroes. Rudy thanks the heroes and continue to find a new home.

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