Ice Age: The Series
Directed by
Produced by
Written by
Narrated by
Starring Ray Romano
Queen Latifah
Jennette McCurdy
John Leguizamo
Denis Leary
Seann William Scott
Josh Peck
Simon Pegg
Chris Wedge
Karen Disher
Frank Welker
Carlos Saldanha
Distributor 20th Century Fox
Blue Sky Studios
Release date(s) June 21, 2003-April 30, 2006
Running time 30 minutes
Country United States
Language English
MPAA Rating TV-G
Preceded by Ice Age
Followed by Ice Age: The Meltdown
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Fandom This article is purely fandom and was fan-made. It is not considered canon to the main Ice Age series.

Ice Age: The Series[1] is a computer-animated television spinoff of the 2002 feature film, Ice Age, starring Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Queen Latifah, Seann William Scott and Josh Peck, Jennette McCurdy, Chris Wedge, Karen Disher, Frank Welker, and Carlos Saldanha.


After the events of the first film, the second film, the third film, and the fourth film, Manny, Sid, Diego, Scrat, and the others are back for more crazy adventures.

Episode 1: The RhinoEdit

Episode 2: The Spooky MansionEdit

Manny Sid Scrat Oggy Dee Dee Marky Joey and his friends went to family day out to spooky mansion for halloween and sleepover party at haunted house tonight.

I can't wait to see poppet and katsuma ready for staying and sleepover party in haunted house tonight

said manny.

I love staying in haunted house said ellie

I love sleepover in my haunted house said oggy

me too said dee dee

me three said sid

me four said joey

and me said marky

pic me pic me said diego

come on everybody let's go said crash

hey wait for me said crash

hey wait up said eddie

wait for me said peaches

everyone went to haunted house

let's ring the doorbell said scrat

hello there said poppet

hi everybody said katsuma

come on in said sid

everyone went inside the haunted house

let's watching television said katsuma

good idea said poppet

it's jungle mouse jerry on tv

hello there everyone this haunted house

is spooky said jungle mouse jerry

lighting and thunder and rain is coming from the sky

now eat your dinner and go to bed early tonight

sure thing jungle mouse jerry said oggy

good luck everyone and watch out for ghost werewolf frankenstein zombie

vampire bats and monster over and out night night

i'm hungry what's the dinner apple pie

so everyone ate our apple pie for dinner

so everybody went to bedroom for sleepover

everyone tugged into bed

goodnight everyone said scrat

goodnight scrat said everyone

tomorrow morning everyone went back to the ice age home

suddenly there's a thunderstorm and rain come from the sky at night

did you hear something cried scrat

i'm scared of the dark shouted everyone

look there's ghost werewolf zombie frankenstein

vampire bats and monster

runnnnnnnnnn said everyone

everyone run away in haunted house

how we ever to get rid of ghost monster frankenstein vampire bats monster and werewolf

please i wanna live

i have a idea said oggy

i can be tarzan and i tarzan yelling to scare ghost monster frankenstein vampire bats and werewolf

oggy making a tarzan yellow cheetah print loincloth

ta da i acting like tarzan now

go for it tarzan oggy

ok here i go ah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ahhhhh let's get out of here said monster ghost vampire bats frankenstein and werewolf

monster werewolf ghost vampire bats and frankenstein run out of the haunted house

i did it i did tarzan yelling and scared ghost monster frankenstein vampire bats and werewolf away

well done tarzan oggy said everyone

the next morning the sun came up

poppet and katsuma waved goodbye to everyone

everyone said katsuma

see you next time said poppet

bye bye poppet and katsuma said everyone

so everyone back to the ice age

everyone stay in the ice age

evryone ate our lunch

and everyone lived happily ever after

The End.

Episode 3: The Secret of Toad hallEdit

Episode 4: Fancy DressEdit

Scrat Found A Fancy Dress Inviation Dear Scrat Please Come To My Fancy Dress Party

Scrat Says Mum Dad Guess What Tonight It's Fancy Dress Party

Mum Making A Tarzan Orange Leopard Skin Outfit For Scrat

Scrat Says Look At This I'm Scrat The Tarzan King Of The African Jungle

Now It's Time For Tarzan Yell And Chest Beating Listen To This

Arr rrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I Did It I Really Really Did It Said Tarzan Scrat

Everyone Comes For Fancy Dress Party

Scrat Says Hello Everyone

Everyone Says Hello Scrat

Manny Dressed Up A Beautiful Fairy Costume

Diego Dressed Up A Cowboy Costume

Sid Dressed Up A Ocean Diver Costume

Ellie Dressed Up A Cowgirl Costume

Crash Dressed Up A Jerry The Mouse Costume

Eddie Dressed Up A Tom The Cat Costume

Peaches Dressed Up A Waiter Costume

Ethan Dressed Up A Monkey Costume

Steffie Dressed Up A Clown Costume

Katie Dressed Up A Pirate Costume

Louis Dressed Up A Chef Costume

Scratte Dressed Up A Queen Costume

Ariscratle Dressed Up A King Costume

Shira  Dressed Up A Jane Costume

Sloth Siren Dressed Up A Penguin Costume

Male Sloth Siren Dressed Up A Viking

And Everyone Went To Fancy Dress Party

And Have A Wonderful Time.

Episode 5: Soto and ZekeEdit

Episode 7: Squirrel JamEdit

Scrat Was Happy

Scrat Found His Disco Inviation Dear Scrat Please Come to My Scrat's Disco Party Love From Scrat's Friends

Scrat Says I'm Going To The Scrat's Disco Party Tonight

So Scrat Went Into The Disco

Scrat Says Welcome To The Scrat's Disco Party

Scrat Says I'm Here Scrat's Friends Join To Dancing In The Disco

Scrat Singing A Song In His Microphone

Scrat Is Dancing Wiggle His Bottom And Wiggle His Tail

Scrat Dreamed About Rockstar Electric Guitar Tango African Dancing Tap Dancing Ballet DJ And Of Course Breakdance

Scrat Says I'm Dancing

Scrat Says I'm Singing

Scrat's Says Look Party Food And Party Drink Yummy Let's Eat

Scrat Ate Our Party Food And Party Drink

Scrat Doing Singing A Song

Scrat Doing Dancing

Scrat Says Testing 1 2 3 This Is DJ Scrat In The House It's Party Time

Scrat Says Let's Dance

So Scrat Doing Dancing And Singing

Scrat Says This Is So Much Fun

After The Disco Has Finished Scrat Went Home

Scrat's Mum Says Welcome Home Scrat

Dad Went Home From Work

Scrat's Dad Says I'm Home

And Have A Wonderful Time At Scrat's Disco Party.

Episode 8: The Rodeo CowboyEdit

Episode 9: The SlothEdit

Episode 10: The Saber-Tooth TigerEdit

Episode 11: Scrat's ChristmasEdit

Scrat Was Very Excited

Scrat Says Let's Get Ready For Christmas

Scrat Says Mum Dad It's Christmas

Scrat's Mum Says How Lovely

Scrat's Dad Says But Let's Get Ready Hanging Up The Christmas Decorations

So Scrat And Scrat's Dad Helping Hanging Up The Christmas Decorations On The Wall

And Christmas Wreath On The Door

Scrat's Mum Says First Let's Make Mince Pies

Scrat And Scrat's Mum Are Making Mince Pies For Father Christmas

Scrat's Dad Says Let's Wrap A Christmas Presents

Scrat And Scrat's Dad A re Wraping A Christmas Presents

Scrat Says Let's Build A Snowscrat So Scrat Building A Snowscrat

Scrat's Mum Are Making Scrat's Tea

Scrat's Mum Says Scrat Teatime It's Spaghetti And Meatballs

Scrat Says Spaghetti And Meatballs My Favourite

Scrat Ate Our Spaghetti And Meatballs

After Tea Scrat Having A Bath

After Bath Scrat Put On His Christmas Pyjamas

Scrat's Mum Says Scrat Time For Night Night Drink

Scrat Says Coming Mum Coming

Scrat Drank His Night Night Drink

Scrat Put Milk Carrot Cookie And Mince Pie On A Plate And Put Christmas Stocking On Scrat's Bed

Scrat Went To Bed And Fall Fast Asleep Father Christmas Came In Scrat's House

Father Christmas Ate Our Cookie Carrot Mince Pie And Drank The Milk

Father Christmas Put The Presents Acorn On The Christmas Tree And Father Christmas Fly On Santa's Sleigh And Back To The North Pole

The Next Morning The Sun Came Up

Scrat Woke Up And Said Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Mum Merry Christmas Dad

Let's Open The Present Acorns

Scrat Opened The Present Acorns

Wow It's A Gold Acorns Silver Acorns

Bronze Acorns Red Acorns Yellow Acorns Purple Acorns Brown Acorns Orange Acorns Blue Acorns

Green Acorns Pink Acorns And Lots Of Coloured Acorns

Scrat Was Happy In Christmas Day

Happy Christmas Mum And Dad Happy Christmas Everyone

And Have A Wonderful Time.

Episode 12: Bad ScratEdit

Scrat Was Lonely And Watching Television

Scrat's Mum Was Cross And Turn Television Off

Scrat Says Hey I Was Watching Television

Scrat's Mum Says No Is Not

Scrat Says Yes It Is

Scrat's Mum Says I Get You For This

Scrat Says Sorry Mum

Scrat's Mum Says If You Bite Me You Are Going In Time Out

Scrat Says Let's Bite In Scrat's Mum Fingers

Scrat's Mum Says Ow You Not Bite Me

You Go In Time Out Let's Go

I Do Not Bite Me

Scrat Says I'm Sorry Mum

When Dad Got Home Dad Was Angry

Scrat's Dad Says Scrat This Is Not Ok

Scrat Says Sorry Daddy

Bad Squirrel

Go To Your Room Now

And Straight To Bed Right Now

Scrat Was Unhappy

And Scrat Straight To Bed

Scrat Says I'm Really Sorry Sir

Scrat Was Sad And Crying

The Next Morning Scrat Woke Up

Scrat Says Sorry Mum Sorry Dad

Mum And Dad Says Sorry To Scrat


1 No Screaming

2 No Tarzan Calling

3 No Shouting

4 No Yelling

5 No Slaming Doors

6 No Fighting

7 No Biting

8 No Kicking

9 No Name Calling

10 No Climbing On The Wall

11 No Throwing Books

12 No Climbing Tree

13 No Scratching

14 No Pinching

15 No Punching

16 No Making A Mess

17 No Running

18 No Breaking Things

19 No Throwing Things

20 No Chasing

21 No Spiting

Scrat Was Happy And Sorry About Broke Houserules.

Episode 13: DodoEdit

Episode 14: The Animal BoyEdit

Episode 15: MacraucheniaEdit

Episode 16: The AardvarkEdit

Episode 17: Baby MoeritheriumEdit

Episode 18: Dab the DodoEdit

Episode 19: The Female SlothEdit

Episode 20: StuEdit

Episode 21: Mrs. StartEdit

Episode 23: Lone Gunslinger VultureEdit

Episode 24: The Dung BeetlesEdit

Episode 25: The BeaversEdit

Episode 26: The ElksEdit

Episode 27: Condor ChickEdit

Episode 28: DiatrymaEdit

Episode 29: Male OxEdit

Episode 30: The Molehog KidsEdit

Episode 31: The ShovelmouthsEdit

Episode 32: Traffic VultureEdit

Episode 33: Baby MolehogEdit

Episode 34: ChollyEdit

Episode 35: JamesEdit

Episode 36: The Bird GirlEdit

Episode 37: Fast TonyEdit

Episode 38: Freaky MaleEdit

Episode 39: Female OxEdit

Episode 40: BuckEdit

Episode 41: EddieEdit

Episode 42: CrashEdit

Episode 43: Glypto Boy BillyEdit

Episode 44: FenderEdit

Episode 45: Grandpa MolehogEdit

Episode 46: The Start BoysEdit

Episode 47: Start GirlEdit

Episode 48: Start DadEdit

Episode 49: Start DadEdit

Episode 50: GlyptodonEdit

Episode 51: Start DadEdit

Episode 52: Ellie AprEdit

Episode 53: Mr. StartEdit

Episode 54: Earth DayEdit

Episode 55: The MoeritheriumsEdit

Episode 56: Batty KodaEdit

Episode 57: The PiranhaEdit

Episode 58: Vulture MotherEdit

Episode 59: The Female SlothEdit

See: Sid Gets a Girl for full story. Below is only the beginning of the story.
Rose is walking into the valley, looking for a new place to live after the flood, since the The Great Valley was destroyed in it. A female mammoth runs past her yelling, "Out of the way! I'm going to be in trouble!" Peaches accidently knocks her into the snow. Sid walks up to her and says, "You okay?" He grabs her by the hand, and pulls her up out of the snow. Rose says, "Yeah, thanks. I'm fine, why was she running?" Sid says, "She was supposed to been home a few minutes ago." Rose says, "Do you know any place in this valley that I can live? My home in the Great Valley was destroyed in the flood." Sid says, "Yeah, follow me." She follows him to the playground, where he shows her an abandoned cave. Sid says, "You can stay here. No one lives in this cave anymore." She says, "Thanks. If it wasn't for you, I'd have to live in the ice cave."

Episode 60 Rhino BoyEdit

Episode 61: Aardvark MomEdit


All of the cast members of the original movies were able to reprise their roles for the series.

Regular CastEdit

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