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Rudy: The Beginning of the BeastEdit

  • Rudy and Ruby are born.
  • Rudy and his sister grow up to age two, and can talk now.
  • Rudy goes down to the swamp to find his sister, they are attacked by Red-Scar, and their mother's back is ripped open.
  • An earthquake seperates all the herds.
  • Rudy finds his mother and she dies.
  • Rudy reunites with his sister and tells her about their mother.
  • Rudy and Ruby meet a female guanlong called Guan and two dilophosaurus sibblings called Dila and Dilo.
  • The gang soon meets a female baryonyx called Flood and a male dilophosaurus called Drake.
  • The gang is attacked by an adult guanlong, and they witness a young dilophosaurus get ripped apart.
  • The gang is chased by Red-Scar, but they escape.
  • Near the end of part 1, they find Red-Scar climbing up a mountain to a cave.
  • They decide to use Dila as the bait.
  • They get Red-Scar down into the pond, but Dila is being attacked there.
  • Drake jumps off a the hill, to go help Dila.
  • Red-Scar rears up and flips Dila back on the edge.
  • They all push the bolder, and Drake is pulled under the water by the drowning Red-Scar.
  • As they are leaving, they find out Drake is still alive and the find the Dino Valley.
  • Eleven years go by and the gang are teenagers now.
  • Rudy and Flood fell in love.
  • Dila and Drake fell in love.
  • Guan meets a male that she falls in love with.
  • Dilo and Ruby don't meet a boy or girl, and they decide to leave the valley.
  • They decide to head through the valley, and to the other side to find mates.
  • They are attacked by a snake like plant in the Jungle of Misery.
  • They reach the Chasm of Death and use the rail cart to slide down to the other side.
  • At the bottom of the cave, they meet a dilophosaurus herd and Dilo falls in love with a girl called Sarah, she also falls in love with him too.
  • Ruby and Dilo spend the night with her herd.
  • The next day, Sarah decides to go with Dilo and Ruby, wanting to be Dilo's boyfriend, without her dad knowing.

Ice Age: A New BeginningEdit

The Land Before Time/Ice Age crossoverEdit

Happy Feet/Ice Age crossoverEdit

Open Season/Ice Age crossoverEdit

Ice Age: The Time KidsEdit

Ice Age: The Time Kids 2Edit

Ice Age 4: The Th4wEdit

Ice Age 5: The Revenge of Red-HornEdit

Ice Age 6: Dilo's RevengeEdit

Ice Age 7: The Revenge of the Sub-Zero HeroesEdit

Ice Age 8: The Return of Rudy's SisterEdit


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