Fandom This article is purely fandom and was fan-made. It is not considered canon to the main Ice Age series.
Ice Trekkin
Directed by DiegoRules483
Produced by
Written by DiegoRules483
Narrated by
Release date(s)
Running time
Language English
MPAA Rating
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Ice Trekkin' is an Ice Age/Star Trek crossover based on an incomplete fanfiction by user DiegoRules483. The original fanfic can be found here: (

On his five-year mission in deep space, Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise are ordered to investigate the disappearance of several ships near the Betelgeuse Nebula. They discover that the culprit is Captain Gutt and his crew, in possession of a prototype Klingon warbird and a sample of Red Matter. During their attempt to escape they are pulled through an anomaly in time and space (through which Gutt and his crew arrived) and arrive in the Ice Age above Earth. Beaming down they meet the Herd, and convince them to come to the future and help defeat Gutt.

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