Fandom This article is purely fandom and was fan-made. It is not considered canon to the main Ice Age series.

manny;sid no

sid;but why cant i take peaches to my park with cb crash and eddie

manny;because i do not trust you but i trust cb crash and eddie


manny;sorry mabye next time cb crash eddie take peaches to the park

cb crash and eddie;yes manny

they go to the park

eddie;so peaches what can we do frist

peaches;i wanna go to the dino world

all;no peaches we cant

cb;but mabye we can go if we ask sid

eddie;but why

cb;beacse his dino kids 1st birthday is in 24 hours and i wanna be there

eddie and crash;okay but we cant let manny ellie or digeo see us

cb;okay meet back here in 1 hour

cb eddie peaches crash;break

cb;sid wake up


cb;come on me peaches crash and eddie are going to the dino world you comeing

sid;sure my kids 1st birthday is in 24 hours i do not wanna miss it

cb;well come on

cb crash eddie peachesand sid see the dino bones

all;wow hello

they here a yell

all;wow who is that

sid i dont know

eddie;come on lets go

cb;yeah it is creepy

sid;you got that right

cb sid eddie crash and peaches reach the jugle

cb;wow this is cool the 2 time

eddie;i know

crash;there is the bush and the trees and the rocks

cb;okay lets go we got to get there birthday cakes form the dino cafe

eddie peaches sid and crash;okay

cb sid peaches crash eddie go to the dino cafe

cb;we got the cake now we go to lava falls that is where the baby dinos are

eddie;okay frist the jungle

crash;then the cod

cb;then the plains of whoa

eddie;cb peaches sid dont breth the gas it will make you lagh

cb and peaches;okay we will try

eddie;now lets go to the party

cb;wow the jungle of death

sid;wow nice place

eddie;even for a scary place

cb;okay you guys are scereing peaches do not worry peaches your uncles are just playing

eddie;okay now the cod is right here

cb;i am hurgny

sid;me too a furit on a flower

cb;sid i do not know about that

the plant eats cb and sid

crash eddie peaches;cb sid

peaches;okay i going to the bottom

eddie;no if you do it will trap the for a long time

peaches;well we got to do something

eddie;i know i will go in and try to open it

peaches;you sure eddie

eddie;i have to i dont like sid much but cb he is cool

sid;i herd that

cb;now come eddie try to cut the blue wire with bucks tooth kinfe

eddie;okay here i go

crash;come on eddie

the plant opens up

cb;ew i need to wash up here is the river

3 min later

cb;peaches eddie sid crash lets go

all;okay the cod

cb;wow the gas now how do we get to the other side

eddie;like this

the bones come down

eddie;now peaches you frist

cb;now eddie we are going all of us

eddie;okay but dont suck the gas i will me you on the other side

cb peaches crash and sid on the ride but it is stuck

cb and crash try to hold it

cb;i cant take it anymore

crash;he suck it in now im doing it

cb and crash;hey it not rellay gas it is laughing gas

cb and crash;singing

eddie;stop laughing

cb sid peaches and crash;stop laughing he saids

cb;come eddie laugh

eddie;sorry guys starts laughing but cuts the ropes

cb;sometimes i drank crash juice

crash;and i drink his too

they crash into the rock and they are still laughing on the floor

eddie;wow guys i told you guys but had fun

cb peaches crash sid;yeah and sorry

eddie;its okay

crash;you drink my juice cb

cb;it was gas talk due

eddie;now lets go we gotta go to the lava falls to set up

cb peaches sid crash eddie make it to lava falls

cb sid peaches eddie crash;kids

momma;welcome to the set up cb peaches crash sid eddie

cb;momma we will be here setting up all day until 9;30 do you have beds for us

momma;sure cb you are next to my kids they to be with they uncle

cb;sweet thanks

sid;in the caves

eddie; bunk


peaches;near the lake

all;good night

epsiode;2 the baby dinos party

cb got up at 7 in the moring to set up for the dinos party

sid;hey cb want some help

cb;sure sid

sid and cb got to work on ballons cake and games and more

then peaches got up and started to help momma bake the cake

peaches;now add two eggs and 1 bowl of flour

cb;peaches need some help

peaches;sure i need you to put the cake on 235 deergse

cb;sure and

peaches;and momma wants you to take yoko shelly and egbert out for a while we get ready


momma;to the movies dinner and the mall

cb;will do shelly yoko egbert you guys want to got out for a while

baby dinos;yes please

cb;great;firts we go to the movies then the mall then dinner

momma;now we got that good peaches i want you to take the cake and put iceing and happy 1s birthday on it

peaches;will do

crash;the ballons are reday

eddie;the table is set

sid;the guest list is check

momma;but sid it is only cb you eddie peaches crash and egbert yoko and shelly

sid;right no list then okay everything else is set up we have to wait for cb to get back with the kids

momma;but that will be in 6 hours and the party starts at 7;00

eddie;so we have to wait

ep3 yoko shelly and egbert and cb birthday party

cb walking with shelly egbert and yoko in the jungle

cb saying to shelly egbert and yoko how his dad never threw him a party

shelly;wow cb that is relly sad i am sorry

cb;that is okay beacuse momma sid crash eddie and sid have something for you

cb pulls back a bush seeing the words happy birthday on the leaf and the cake

cb momma peaches sid eddie crash sing happybirthday to the baby dinos

cb sveres the cake shelly egbert and yoko blows out there candels

sid sets the games up

shelly;peaches sid i heard cb never had a birthday party

peaches;wow that is so sad

sid;yeah what can we do for him

shelly;well i though before you guys leave next week we throw him a party tonnight

peaches sid and shelly;yeah

cb;shelly peaches sid you guys coming

the party ended at 9;30 cb eddie yoko egbert momma and crash to to bed but sid peaches and shelly stay up to plan cbs party

sid;okay now we have until 8;00 to plan cbs party

peaches;okay now here is the plan shelly you go get the cake

shelly;got it

sid;peaches you get the party games

peaches;got it

sid;and i will get the food and drinks

shelly sid and peaches stay up unti 7;30 setting up for his party

shelly sid and peaches go get cb eddie yoko egbert momma crash to get reday for him

cb;sid peaches shelly what is it it is 7;30 is everything okay

shelly;well there is one thing and that is

shelly sid and peaches;happy birthday cb

cb tears up a little

cb;peaches sid shelly thank you so much this is the birthday i awarys watten

shelly peaches and sid hug cb

cb;now lets have a party

cb and his friends danced unti 8;30

cb sid eddie crash and peaches go to bed

momma calls cb yoko shelly and egbert in to his cave

momma;cb shelly yoko and egbert you guys have been getting along so well mabye you cb could take shelly egbert and yoko back with you to the ice age world

cb;you mean like a a aboted sister brothers

momma;yep staring today you shelly egbert and yoko are now brothers and sister

cb;and you are like my momma

momma;yep welcome to the dino family

ep3 going to the ice age world with shelly egbert and yoko and peaches sid eddie crash;heading into trouble

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