Fandom This article is purely fandom and was fan-made. It is not considered canon to the main Ice Age series.

Jennifer is the long lost sister of Egbert, Yoko and Shelly. She is voiced by Tinsley Grimes.

Physical appearanceEdit

Jennifer has a bright yellow, gold and red back, arms, head and legs. She has very pale blue-green eyes, and her eyeballs are silverish white. He behind is about the same size as Shelly's and is silver. Her underbelly and chin are also silver, along her arms, legs, snout, hands, feet and horns have red spots all across them. She also has a large yellow spot on her head, and small yellow spots on her legs, feet, tail and behind. She has black finger and toe claws, she has pure white teeth, she has a pink tounge and red lining in her mouth. She also has a whitish-silver stipe that starts on her head, and goes down her neck, to her underbelly. If it wasn't for her color, she would be an exact twin of Shelly.


Just like her sister Shelly, she has several habits, they her including shaking her butt around. They also including acting seductive around boys she has the hots for. She likes stalking them around, hoping they will want to mate with her. She is unlike Shelly, not afraid of getting pregnant at age 14, going on 15. She really never knew Momma or Poppa, so she never worried about getting blamed about having gets at a young age. She also has a habit of leading boys into caves, and sleeping with them, she is always trying to get pregnant, but fails. Boys think shes crazy when she starts laying with them, and they always says, "Get away from me! I not mating with you!" Then they run off, leaving her alone to cry and feel sad, not really caring that she has been hurt emotionally. She always tries to get with a boy that dosen't know her, she first gets his attention talking to them nicely, then shaking her butt for them. She then leads them into her cave, and starts doing things to make them love her, but it never works. They always leave when she starts laying on top of them, they just call her "Crazy and Insane."


Jennifer is very loving, and caring just like her sister, Shelly. She loves boys and loves being seductive, just like Gloria. Jennifer is sometimes very talkitive like Fast Tony. She also is reclusive like the spiders, always sneeking around the jungle, searching for and stalking boys in the Jungle of Misery.

Reason she don't have a boyfriendEdit

Boys normally don't want to be her boyfriend or want to mate with her because she is always stalking them, they just say, "I don't want to be your boyfriend." Then they run off leaving her alone and crying.


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