This is a list of characters throughout the series that are deceased or presumably deceased. Characters with a strike through them, are characters that were throught to be deceased, but were revealed to be alive. Characters that are in normal are deceased and character in bold are main characters that have died. Characters in Italics are presmably deceased characters.

ScratteLover2's seriesEdit

Rudy: The Beginning of the BeastEdit

  1. Rudy's Mother - She died saving her children from a ceratosaurus, it ripped her back open.
  2. Rudy's Father - He died of old age.
  3. Rudy's Grandmother - She died of old age.
  4. Rudy's Grandfather - He died of old age.

Ice Age: A New BeginningEdit

  1. Dilo - Killed by Guan, when she shoved him into the Lava River, he was burned to death.

Ice Age 4Edit

  1. Guanlong #1 - He was killed when Manny hit him with his tusks, he flew into a rock wall and cracked his neck.
  2. Guanlong #2 - He was shot to death by Scratte in the hospital hallway.
  3. Sid - In the second part Sid was attack by the first Guanlong and his stomach was ripped open. He later died in the hospital due blood loss.

The Land Before Time/Ice Age crossoverEdit

  1. To Be Announced

Ice Age 5Edit

  1. Several Ceratosaurus - Twelve Ceratosaurus were killed by Rudy throughout the story.
  2. Red-Horn - He died in a similar way to Dilo, only it was Rudy that pushed him into the lava, instead of Guan.
  3. Brandon - He died from his injuries caused by Red-Horn in Ice Age 5, but was revealed to be alive in Ice Age 8.

Ice Age 6Edit

  1. Buck - he was presumably deceased when he was dragged into a cave by Dila. He was revealed to be alive in Ice Age 7.
  2. Guan - she was presumanly deceased when she was pulled up into the trees by a trap. She was revealed to be alive in Ice Age 7.
  3. Scratte - She was presumably killed by the dilophosaurus herd, but was revealed to be alive in Ice Age 7.

Ice Age 7Edit

  1. Guan's cousin - he was hit in the throat by the large plant's plant flailing vines. It is truely unknown if he died, or was knocked unconsious. Since he hasn't appeared again, it is presumed that he's dead.
  2. Three male Dilophosaurus - they are killed by Dila because they failed at killing Scratte and Guan.
  3. Dila - she is ripped apart by her dilophosaurus near the end of Ice Age 7.
  4. Buck - he dies from his injures as stated by Guan at the end of Ice Age 7.

Ice Age 8Edit

  1. Scar Eye - he was killed by Rudy, who shoved him off a cliff in Ice Age 8.

Gloverboy21's seriesEdit

Ice Age: The Time KidsEdit

  1. Red-Horn - He was knocked off a cliff by Rudy in this, but was revealed to be alive in The Land Before Time/Ice Age crossover, and he was finally killed in Ice Age 5 by Rudy.

Ice Age: The Time Kids 2Edit

  1. To Be Announced

Unseen characters that have diedEdit

  1. Guan's family - They were killed in the middle of the night by the dilophosaurus herd, five years before the events of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, as stated by Guan.

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