Fandom This article is purely fandom and was fan-made. It is not considered canon to the main Ice Age series.

Maxine Mammoth, also reffered to as Max, is a 12 year old girl, who is an Ice Age freak. She is the main character of BiggestIceAgeFanEver's fanfic, My Prayers Are Answered.


In My Prayers Are Answered, Max wishes to become an Ice Age character to join her most worshiped idols: the Sub Zero Heroes. Her mother does not aprove of her obsession, causing much distress on Max's behalf. She storms into her room, sobbing after an argument with her mom about this issue. Max is so fed up with being misjudged by her mom that she wishes upon a star to become an Ice Age character. Max then goes to bed, but feels quite strange during her slumber. She wakes up to find that she has become just as her last name describes: a mammoth. Max meets the Ice Age herd and wins the hearts of everyone in the group. She wins the friendship of everyone except for her favorite herd member: Manny. Now, Max has to find a way to get home, and to defeat a sorce of evil lurking on the herd's trail. Can she do it?

About MaxEdit

Max is a very brave girl. She is often misunderstood by her mom, which upsets her in a major way. Max is loving and will do anything to win the friendship of her idols, especially Manny. She has developed a strong friendship with Peaches already and accepted by most of the herd. Manny has his differances with Max, but deep down, he cares about her just as everyone else does.

Max is about 5 feet tall, when she's human. She wears two gold hoop earrings and a sparkling blue locket, which contains a picture of the herd in it. Her locket is the only proof she has to prove that she was once a human. She has short, black hair that cascades to her shoulders and has toffee brown eyes. When she is in mammoth form, her body fur is a bit lighter than Manny's and her hair is raven black. The locket remains with her at all times, even after her transformation.

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