Fandom This article is purely fandom and was fan-made. It is not considered canon to the main Ice Age series.

Momma Dino and her kid's roles in the fan stories.

Rudy: The Beginning of the BeastEdit

She appears near the end of the story along with Poppa. Poppa gets her pregant and she lays her eggs in the ice cave.

Ice Age: A New BeginningEdit

She and her kids appear in this fanfiction in the Snow Valley. She is very over protective of the herd and her children.

Ice Age: Happy HalloweenEdit

In this spinoff she is more of a fool around like her children and Sid. For her costume she lets Sid paint purple around her eyes for mascara.

Ice Age: Merry ChristmasEdit


ICE AGE: The Time KidsEdit

Momma appears after Josiah and his friends come to the dinosaur world under the ice. instinctively, she starts to hunt them as prey. She corners them and Josiah shoots her with his stun pistol, leaving a scar on her shoulder. She tells her kids to stay away from Shelly, Ken and Josiah. During the night she kidnaps Ken, the next day she tries to feed him to Egbert, Yoko and Shelly, but ends up making friends with him after he saves the kids from being attacked by a snake. Later when they are attacked by the carnivorous plant, Ken, Egbert, Shelly and Yoko end up inside it. Ken cuts the veins with his pocket knife, free the Baby Dinos, and he ends up stuck on Momma's rear-end. He gets off her behind at the end of the story when she accidently farts on him.

ICE AGE: The Time Kids 2Edit

Ice Age 4: The Th4wEdit

She is frozen in ice along with her kids and the others. She is still very protective of the others, especially since Rudy and two guanlongs are with them. She sleeps in the cave down at the beach with them. When she finds out Sid dies at the end, she starts to cry, she befriends Rudy, and they all go back to Snow Valley together, using a time machine the doctor owned (similar to the one from No Time For Nuts.)

Ice Age 5: The Revenge of Red-HornEdit

She reappears again, they head back into the Dino-World to find Scrat. She tells her kids to stay in Snow Valley with Sylvia, and Sid's kids. She returns to Snow Valley at the end after the death of Brandon.

Ice Age 6: Dilo's RevengeEdit

She reappears again in this sequel, helping the Sub-Zero Heroes fight a new enemy Dila. At the end she ends up trapped in the dino-world along with all her friends thanks to the dilophosaurus herd. ==Ice Age 7: The Revenge of the Sub-Zero Heroes She is revealed to be alive in this story. They all return to Snow Valley, with the exception of Buck who was killed by a plant.

Ice Age 8: The Return of Rudy's SisterEdit


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