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Momma, I Blew Up the Hatchling
Directed by
Produced by
Written by Gloverboy21
Narrated by
Editing Gloverboy21
Distributor Gloverboy21
Release date(s) June 3, 2010
Running time
Country United States
Language English
MPAA Rating PG
Preceded by ICE AGE: The Time Kids
Followed by ICE AGE: The Time Kids 2
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Momma, I Blew Up the Hatchling is a fanfiction being written by Gloverboy21.

Plot summaryEdit

This story involves Sid, the time kids, the baby dinos, and a whole lot of growing problems for the Ice age crew. This is mid-story of Ice Age: Time Kids. It happens between ICE AGE: The Time Kids and ICE AGE: The Time Kids 2.


After two weeks in the future with nothing to do, Josiah, Shelly, and Ken travel back in time to the ice age world to see Sid the Sloth, the baby dinos, and Momma Dino. During their stay in the dinosaur world Josiah wants to invite Sid and his 'kids' to the future to see their world. Momma agrees and the seven take off to the future to the T.W.C.

But when Yoko incautiously fools around in the Corporation labs with his brother and sister, when the other kids are not watching them, he activates Zeke's most prize invention; the molecular growth ray. When the ray hits Yoko the playful little rex starts to grow at an alarming rate. Can the time kids and Sid get Yoko back to normal size? Or will the playful 'little' baby dino end up using Shelly and Ken's home of California as a playground?

Part 1: Bored out of our minds!Edit

Two weeks. That's how long it had been since the adventure in the dinosaur world had passed, for Josiah, Shelly, and Ken. Now the kids had nothing to do in the Corporation lounge room except for laying around.

"Man, guys I'm bored out of my mind," said Ken. "There's nothing to do now that all the time watches are being used."

"I hear you, Ken," Added Josiah. "Everyone's time traveling and we're not."

Yawning, Shelly got up from the couch and stood in front of the two.

"Its been aleast two weeks since our last time traveling adventure and already we seem to be bored and lazy."

"When are the other teams coming back?" said Ken, popping another jelly bean into his mouth. "I wanna do some time travel stuff soon."

"Not for a while, Ken." said Josiah. "But when they do get back, why don't we pay a visit back to the ice age world to see Manny and his herd."

At that Ken and Shelly turned to each other and back at Josiah.

"You mean that?" said Ken.

Josiah nodded. "You didn't get a chance to meet the herd yet, Ken. This would be a great opportunity for you to get introduced."

"Alright!" Cheered Shelly, raising her gloved fist into the air. "We're going back to the ice age!"

As the hours continued Josiah and his friends started making plans and preparations for their trip back to the ice age. They then went to the waiting room were they saw another one of their friends.

"Katherine!" called Ken, waving to the young girl with short dark brown hair and sandy eyes. Josiah and her were almost the same height and age.

"I see you guys are heading on a new adventure, huh?" She said, speaking with a slight australian accent. "Where are you three blokes off to this time?"

"We're going back to the ice age," Josiah said. "We need to see how well Manny and herd are doing."

"That will be bonza!" exclaimed Katherine, using her austrailan slang. "Can i come with you blokes?"

Josiah and Ken considered the idea of bringing her along, but Shelly spoke first.

"I don't think that will be a good idea, Kathy." she said. "The the herd only knows us and might get a little nervous if they see more people."

"Good point, Blake." said Katherine. But Josiah could see that there was look of longing in her eyes. In truth, Josiah really wanted to share the ice age world with her, but knew Shelly was right. Ever since Ellie, Manny's wife, told him and Shelly about how his other family died at the hands of humans Josiah had felt sorry for the bull mammoth's lose. He didn't seem to like the kids very much during their last visit when they went to the ice age.

But now Josiah and his group would try and make friends with Manny and after that visit the dinosaur world under the ice to see Momma Dino and her kids.

Part 2: Back to the ice ageEdit

Manny had never felt happier in his life. The sun was beating down on his face as he lay on the grass with Ellie, watching their daughter play with the rest of the herd. Even Diego was joining in, and eagerly at that; Seems chaperoning play-dates comes naturally to you, Diego old buddy.This thought made his already contented smile get a little wider. "Hey Manny, Ellie! Wanna play tag?" Ellie couldn't help but chuckle, "I'd love to Crash!" She got up in excitement. "You don't mind if I go join in, do you big guy?" She asked Manny; he could see the mischievous glint in her eye already. "Actually, I might join you." Ellie was taken aback briefly, grinning widely, "Being a Daddy has made you such a softie."

"I guess she has made me a big softie, but she's means the world to me," He looked lovingly at Ellie, "I don't know what I'd do if I lost either of you." "Aww, I love you too big guy." Ellie ran her trunk down Manny's and gave it a gently squeeze.

"Hey lovebirds, get a room!"

Manny went bright red under his fur,"You wait till I'm It Crash, and then you're gonna get it!" Crash and Eddy looked up eagerly, "You mean you're actually playing with us?" They high fived each other, "Awesome!" Manny shot Ellie the same mischievous look she always gives him and charged into the game. Ellie looked on and chuckled; family life suits Manny like the sun does the sky. Life really dosen't 'get much better than this, She thought to herself as she joined in with all the fun. Hours had passed and the sun was high in the sky; it was lunchtime.

Diego had already gone out hunting and the herbivores of the herd were getting ready to look for food. Sid had difficulty standing up he was so tired from Tag. And besides, who needs to walk when you have a mammoth to walk for you?

Sid cleared his throat, trying his best to walk up to Manny in a nonchalant manner,

"Say Manny ol' buddy ol' pal, I was wondering if…"

Manny sighed. "Hop on board Sid," he muttered.

Sid eagerly clambered up and settled into his thick fur. Peaches was puzzled by it, "Daddy?" "What is it sweetie?" "Why does Uncle Sid always get on your back if he can walk?"

"It's so he can take his afternoon nap whilst the rest of us forage for him."

Sid tried to sound outraged, "I do not!"

He turned to Peaches and whispered,

"And five, four, three, two…"

Manny didn't need to finish; Sid was already snoring loudly. Peaches squealed with delight.

"Peaches, come here sweetie!" Ellie called from a nearby bush. She hugged Manny's trunk and went skipping off to her mother.

Diego was slowly making his way through the forest, giving his stomach time to digest his food, and taking in the sights as well. He could hear the rest of the herd in the distance. especially Sid's snoring. He started to pick up his pace, but suddenly stopped cold in his tracks; a vast array of new and unusual scents filled his nose. He sniffed the air and quickly scanned his surroundings. He followed the scent to a nearby stream and froze in confusion; in front of him were three things he had never seen before, each one the same size and round like rings. He could still hear the herd in the distance, and getting closer. He studied the new things closely and realized they weren't moving. They just sat there like gold rocks. He started heading back to the herd, looking back every so often just to make sure it doesn't spring to life. Diego caught sight of the herd as it was foraging. "Manny!" He shouted. Manny looked up, "Diego, there you are! How was lunch?" "No time for that now, come with me, you have to see something" Diego replied. Manny stood up straight - he could tell when Diego was unnerved, and this was one of those moments. "What's going on?" Manny asked. Diego looked lost for words, "I found… something. Something I've never seen before."

Ellie looked fascinated, "Well let's go check it out!" Manny quickly held his trunk out to stop her, "WHOA! This could be dangerous Ellie." She gave him a stubborn glare till he caved in. "Fine, we'll all go," he said, furrowing his brow. "But stay close everyone."

"What are they?" Ellie's question simply couldn't be answered; the whole herd was just as confused. Manny and Diego walked warily over to the round rings and took a closer look. He had to admit he was a little unnerved; they were almost human sized.

"They look like gold rings," Manny said to the herd as he peered at the round glowing circles. As he did, his eyes widened and he took a step back at first, but he drew closer as he became curious.

"What are they doing?" Crash asked, half-hiding behind Ellie's fur.

"They're glowing," Manny said bluntly. "And it looks like something is coming through."

The herd stood back as three sudden bright lights and a sonic boom-like sounds erupted from the rings.

"What the..." Exclaimed Manny.

When the flashes and booming sounds were done Manny and the herd opened their eyes and saw three humans standing were the rings were just glowing.

The herd stood back from the sudden arrival of the humans. All but Peaches.

"Mommy, Daddy! Its Josiah and Shelly!" She cried and bounded over to the humans.

"What?" Ellie said and peered at the humans more closely.

Josiah waved to her and Manny. "Hey, guys! We missed you."

"Why, it is them." Said Sid and walked over to shake their hands.

"Hey, Sid, my bad mammal buddy. How's it going?" said Shelly, shaking his clawed paw.

"Great!" said Sid.

Josiah knelt down and stroked Peaches trunk.

"Hey, little peaches. how are you doing, huh?"

Peaches giggled.

"I'm doing great!" She said.

"That nice to hear. And its also nice to hear you talk."

He then noticed Manny and Ellie who were standing behind her.

Ken kept himself hidden behind Shelly, his eyes wide with awe, looking between his friend and the mammoths. He knew they were going to be big but not that big.

Ellie noticed him behind Shelly.

"And is this your brother, Shelly?" She asked, looking at the young boy.

"Oh, right," Josiah said. "Guys, meet Ken."

"So this is the herd you've told me about?" Ken said. "A lot bigger than I imagined."

"That's because we've added members before we met your friends," Manny told him, before pointing at Ellie. "This is my wife, Ellie."

"Hi there!" she said, waving her trunk at him.

"And this is our daughter, Peaches," Manny continued, using his trunk to bring her forwards.

Peaches just smiled at the two humans.

"Aw, she's so cute!" Ken said, kneeling down so that he was eye level with the baby mammoth.

"And these are my brothers, Crash and Eddie," Ellie said, introducing the possums.

"We're the pranksters of the group!" Crash said, as he and Eddie gave each other a high five.

"Brothers?" Ken questioned. "But aren't they possums?"

"Long story," Ellie just said.

Ken raised an eyebrow, whilst Josiah turned back to Manny.

"How long has it been since we saw you guy?" He asked.

Manny gave it some thought.

"For about two months." Said Manny simply.

Josiah scratched his head. "Only two months? wow."

"OK, now that that's out of the way, can you three tell us why you're guys have returned from the future?" Manny asked. "Even now, I'm a little surprised to see you guys again after only two months."

"Well, we wanted Ken to meet you guys and since we got bored at the Corporation, we decided to come here."

"And we'll be going to the dinosaur world, too," Added Ken. "To see Momma dino and her kids."

At the mention of Momma dino and the babies, Sid quickly turned to Josiah.

"You guys are going to see Momma and my kids?"

Josiah nodded, but then gave Sid a questioning look.

"What do mean your kids?"

Sid sheepishly scratched the back of his head and then told the story to the three humans about Momma Dino, the Baby Dinos, and how got taken to the dinosaur world. By the time he was done, the sun was beginning to set over the snow covered trees. Manny and Ellie filled in most of the story with their own versions about what happened. After their were finished, Josiah and his friends were getting ready to move out. But not before Sid gave the three a long look before they could set out to the dinosaur world. He was thinking about his foster kids and Momma. He missed them terribly, like an ache in his chest. So, when no one was looking, and when Josiah's group left, he quietly tiptoed after them.

The entrance back to the dinosaur world was still where it had been the last time the kids had arrived in the ice age. The same steam-like crack and uphill slope that still led into the ice cave. It was only a matter of time before the kids got to see their old dinosaur friends agian.

Part 3: Back to Lava FallsEdit

The ice cave was just as the group had remembered it. Dark, creepy, and warm-like. Another hour past and soon the group was back in the jungle.

"Man, it smells here," Ken said, adjusting his backpack and sniffing the air. "Just like i remembered it."

Shelly took off her pack and started scanning the jungle. "No sign of any dinosaurs yet,"

Josiah forced a thin smile. Of course there weren't any dinosaurs yet. They were more in the interior of the dinosaur world then the outer rim of the jungle.

Their biggest problem was getting to lava falls in one piece without getting eaten.

If the kids weren't so intended about which way they should go, Josiah wouldn't have heard the faint rustling of the bushes behind them. He spun 'round and took out his stun pistol from his holster and pointed it at the bush. Shelly and Ken did the same after noticing Josiah with his pistol out.

"What is it?" Ken inquired, his hands shaking a little.

"I don't know, but stay close, guys." Josiah said.

Shelly looked pale, but she kept her pistol primed and ready.

The branches shook, the leaves trembled and out came-Sid.

When the sloth saw the pistols pointed at him, he let out a yelp and put his paws in the air.

"Don't shoot! don't shoot!" He cried.

Surprised by the sloths sudden appearance, the group put their pistols down.

Sighing in relief, Josiah said, "Sid! good god, we almost shot you!"

lowing his paws, Sid breathed a sigh of relief, too. "Good thing you didn't."

Shelly put her pistol back into her holster. Ken did the same.

"What are you doing here?" Demanded Josiah to the Sloth. "How did you follow us down here?"

Still clutching his furry chest, Sid said, "I just wanted to see my kids again, that's all." And Josiah saw that there was a bit of sadness on his face.

Shelly nodded, putting a hand on Sid's shoulder. "You miss them, don't you?"

Sid nodded. "I know Manny said that they weren't my kids, but I have a right to see them. After all, I am their foster father/mother."

Ken nodded in agreement. "Then what are we standing around here for? Lets go to lava falls!"

'Intro to seize the day'

Open the gates and seize the day

Don't be afraid and don't delay

Nothing can break us No one can make us

We are on the way

Arise and seize the day

Now is the time to seize the day

Send out the call and join the fray

Wrong's will be righted get us ignited

Let us seize the day

Friends of the ice age seize the day

Raise up the torch and light the way

Proud and defiant we'll slay the giant

Let us seize the day

Lets walk together to lava falls

All for one and one for all

Open the gates and seize the day

Don't be afraid and don't delay

Nothing can break us No one can make us

Give our rights away

Lets walk together to lava falls

All for one and one for all

Lets walk together to lava falls

All for one and one for all

All for one and one for all!

After another hour of trekking, the jungle path finally led the group to Lava falls. Evening was settling in and the group had set up their tents in the clearing that Sid had been in before when he was with Momma.

"Do you think she'll remember us, Josiah?" Ken said.

Josiah grinned and shrugged. "Who knows, Ken. Lets just hope to god that there aren't any predators lurking around. Because 'Oooh' and 'ahhh', that's how it always starts. Then later there's running and screaming and blood and t-shirts."

Shelly giggled at that joke.

"But I'm sure she will remember us," Sid said. "Even my kids might remember me."

"Well, it has been two months, Sid." Josiah said. "Now lets get some shut-eye."

Unknown to the four campers, Momma dino and the Baby dinos had been watching them the whole time. Momma was almost happy to see the little sloth again, even if it was an unexpected visit. The babies, which were a little bigger, were even more overjoyed to see their foster father/mother again because they missed him the most. They couldn't wait to see him in the morning.

Part 4: Back to the future with Sid and the babiesEdit

The morning in the dinosaur world came rather quickly for the four sleepy travelers. Sid slept outside of the three tents, his body splayed out on the ground. Josiah was up early already, doing his mixed fighting exercises in the semi-chilly air. Josiah had almost forgotten about how this world differed from the ice age world from up above. Cold on top, but warm and cool underneath. As Josiah continued with his exercises, Shelly had woken up as well.

"Good morning, Shelly," Josiah said, yawing loudly. "Sleep well?"

She yawned and stretched. "Like a baby."

Josiah smiled and went back to exercising.

A roar in the distance; however, made him, and Shelly, freeze in panic. "T-that's…not the…missus…" Sid stammered sleepily, opening his eyes at the horrifying sound.

"What do you mean?" Shelly asked, shifting her gaze over to her mammal friend fearfully. Gulping when another roar rang out in the jungle surrounding them, and noticing it was closer this time.

"He means…" Josiah growled in a mixture of annoyance, worry, and fear. "…that those ceratosaurs have horrible timing!"

A collective shiver ran down the threesome's spines as they each turned in the direction of the sound. Wondering how on earth they were going to be able to defend themselves against the monsters they had encountered last time. Josiah glanced over at Sid and Shelly, trying to determine the best course of action that would benefit everyone as the sound of thunderous footsteps loudly approached them. His fists clenched as he began to pace, and a mixture of emotions coursed through him as he turned to the two. They needed to act fast if they were going to get out of this alive. "Alright, listen up!" He barked, his eyes looking over the two before settling on Ken's tent. "We need to go about this quickly and smoothly if we want to make it out of this little slice of hellish paradise in one piece. Sid, I need you to go out into the jungle, carefully, and look for Momma dino and her kids…"

"Why do I have to do that? Are the ceratosaurs that bad or something?" Sid asked, interrupting Josiah. Startled when the human grabbed his fur roughly, something he had not been expecting, and sternly stared him in the eyes. "Yes." Josiah snarled in annoyance as he shoved the irritating sloth away and began to explain in urgency. "The ceratosaurs fear larger predators like T-rex." "Well, when you put it that way," Said Sid. "I'll go get her!" With a whimper, the sloth ran into the jungle. "Shelly, I need you to wake-up your brother. Every second he sleeps, the danger grows faster." "Got it!" Said Shelly. The leaves behind them shook, and a frightening growl filled the air.

"Shelly." Josiah said calmly, aware of the beast behind him when he noticed the looks on his friends' face. "Get yourself and Ken to safety near the Chasm of Death, no ceratosaurus will follow you in there. You'll be safe, as long as you don't get to close to the gas." Suddenly, Josiah heard a scrambling at his back and something launched itself at him-

He brought up his pistol and tried to turn, but he wasn't fast enough. Something struck his back, sending him sprawling to the ground, his stun pistol flying from his holster. Josiah tried to twist and turn, but the dinosaur slammed down on his back, pinning him in place.

Josiah heard Shelly scream and saw her backing away. That meant that the dinosaur on his back was not friendly. He opened his mouth to yell, but whatever was sitting on his back shifted its weight, squeezing the air from his lungs.

Then the pressure that had been on his back was gone. Josiah looked for his pistol. spotted it, and scrambled for. He rolled, sprang to his feet, the weapon raised-

And saw a six-foot tall Dilophosaurus standing in front of him. It had black, white and yellow scales and a red pair of v-shape crests on its head.

Josiah instinctively backed away. The dinosaur stared at him and then snapped its head in a swift motion. Josiah felt something smack him in the chest. He looked down and saw a dripping glob of foam on his shirt. He wiped it away with his hand and backed away again. The dinosaur hissed and snapped its head again, and Josiah immediately felt another wet smack against his neck, just above the shirt collar.

"Hey!" Josiah yelled, wiping the spit off his shirt and neck. "Say it don't spray it!"

The dilophosaur hissed and spat again, hitting Josiah in the forehead.

"AHHHHGGG!" Josiah yelled, tripping backward and falling on his rear. The spit may have hit him in the forehead, but some of it had gotten in his eyes.

Josiah had never felt something this bad in his eyes before in his life. It didn't make him go blind, but it did make things blurry. He felt the dinosaurs headbutt him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

The dinosaur lunged and sank its teeth into Josiah's left arm. Yelling in pain, Josiah tried to get his arm free. He knew the jaws of dilophosaurus was weak and could not hold on to large prey.

Balling his hand into a fist, Josiah punched the dinosaur in the snout.

The dilophosaur let go of him and backed away, shaking his head.

Josiah backed away as the dinosaur flared its frill and sprayed another glob of spit at him. Shelly took out her pistol and shot the dilophosaur in the side. Squawking in pain, the dilophosaurus ran back into the jungle.

Josiah kept the jungle in view as he backed up next to Shelly. His arm was still bleeding profusely from the bite and he had to put pressure on it to stop it.

"Are you alright, Josiah?" Shelly said, rushing over to him.

"I'll be fine, 'Shell," He said standing up walking to his tent. "I just" Josiah felt himself going dizzy. It was as though freezing water was seeping in his chest, cutting at his insides. Stumbling, Josiah fell to the jungle ground and knew no more.


"Lucky Momma and the babies knew what to do."

"I thought he was dead for sure."

"He keeps mumbling in his sleep. Who's Desiree?"

"Don't know. Maybe his girlfriend or something."

Shelly and Ken were gathered around Josiah's sleeping form. The teenager had been out for almost an hour, mumbling in his sleep. Momma had her tail curled around him to keep him warm. She often licked and nuzzled him to get him to wake up, but nothing seemed to work.

Shelly had appliqued rubbing lotion and bandages to the wound and changed it every few hours to make it feel better, but still Josiah slept.

Then one evening, while Momma was cleaning herself, Josiah started talking in his sleep again. He mumbled things and was moving his hands around.

Momma leaned down to nudge him awake, her snout brushing his forehead. "Mmmmm, Desiree...sweet Desiree..." Momma tilted her head, confused. Was he talking about her? Josiah reached up with both hands and brought Momma's snout close to him. "Kiss me, my darling. Our love is like a red, red rose... and I am your little thorny." Momma's eyes widened with even more confusion. Plus, her scaly cheeks were going red. Puckering up his lips, Josiah planted a big, but soft, kiss on her scaly lips. Momma's whole body went stiff. Her eyes became small and her brows raised.

At that precise moment, Shelly, Ken, and the Baby dinos walked into the clearing, holding leaf bowls of water. When they saw the scene in the clearing all five mouths dropped open. Shelly, Egbert, and Yoko each did the three wise monkeys. Shelly covered her eyes. Egbert covered his ears, and Yoko covered his mouth. Ken and Shelly both dropped their leaf bowls, splashing water all over the ground.

Josiah did not know what made him wake up from his dream. One moment he was kissing Desiree, and then the next he was lip-to-lip with Momma dino.

Eyes wide open, Josiah leapt to his feet and tumbled off of Momma's tail, spitting and sputtering.

"Ugh! Eeee-heh-hew! Ew! Ew!" Yelled Josiah, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "Can somebody tell me why I went to first base with Momma rex here?!"

Trying to hold their laughter in, Shelly and Ken told Josiah about how he was asleep for two hours and how he was talking in his sleep the whole time.

After they were done, Josiah wiped his lips a second time and said, "So that explains the strange taste of wet meat in my mouth. Yuck!"

After that, Josiah started talking to Momma about how he wanted to invite Sid and her babies to the future with him and his team.

Momma gave it some thought and then she nodded to him, letting out a small growl.

Clapping his hands together, Josiah gathered the team up and told Sid the good news.

"We're going to the future? With you guys?"

"Yep," Josiah said. "And we'll be back here before you know it!"

Sid pondered this for a moment. In truth, he really wanted to have a peek at the future and see what humans had done over the millions of years. But he was also a little scared. He didn't know what he or his kids would see and what to expect in the human's world. But it couldn't hurt to have one little peek into their world.

"Alright," Said Sid. "Lets go!"

Part 5: Future toursEdit

After packing the camp and saying goodbye to Momma dino, and giving her his word that nothing bad would happen to them, Josiah and his group traveled all the way back to the surface to snow valley and then back to the time rings.

By the time they all got there, the kids, the baby dinos, and Sid were all exhausted.

" Phew. I'm wiped out," Sid said, brushing his brow. "I hope this trip to the future is worth it."

Raising an eyebrow, Josiah said, "Your that tired?"

"Hey, your a human, you got longer legs. I'm a little guy."

Good point, sloth. Thought Josiah.

He turned to address the four prehistoric creatures.

"Sid, Shelly, Egbert, and Yoko, this will be your first time traveling experience into the future. While your there, I don't want you four wondering off, or getting into trouble, got it?"

The four of them nodded their heads.


It took a few a minutes for the team to get themselves in the proper position in the time rings. Since Sid and his kids were coming, the humans had to make room.

"Okey everyone, here it goes!"

The three kids activated their time watches together. The three gold rings glowed and then there was the three sonic booms. Sid the baby dinos covered their ears and eyes from the blinding light and noise. The sensation they felt when they traveled across time was like nothing they had ever felt before. The outer space-like feeling was like zooming through a blur of colours and shapes that rushed by them. And Sid could practically feel his ears pounding. He and the babies tried to yell but couldn't hear their own voice-

And then they felt solid ground beneath their feet, and everything came into focus again-

They're standing in a circular room that was unfamiliar and strange. Sid and the dinos shook their heads to get rid of the dizziness and looked around the time ring room in awe.

Josiah and the others got off the platform and walked over to the hand in station for their time watches, placing them on hooks.

Shelly turned to Sid and the babies and saw that they were still in awe at the time room.

"If you guys like this room, wait 'till you see the rest of the corporation building,"

After the gear and camping equipment was put away, Josiah led Sid and baby dinos down the empty hallway to the lounge room and then to the changing room.

Once inside, Sid asked, "So what are we doing in here?"

"We've got to get you and the baby dinos into future clothes like ours," Josiah explained, taking out four pairs of shirts. "We can't have you guys run around in plain sight in public in the 21 century, now can we?"

Later, Josiah, Shelly, and Ken, along with the baby dinos and Sid who were now dressed in t-shirts, were walking down to the first floor and then to the garage. When they got there, they saw only two corporation jeep wanglers.

"Good thing most of the jeeps are being used for field work, otherwise we might be stuck walking to your apartment, Shelly." Josiah said.

"What do you mean our apartment?" Asked Ken. He didn't seem to like the sound of that.

"Why us?!" Ken complained. They were at their apartment in the living room. Each of the baby dinos were sitting on chairs. Ken was pacing back and fourth near the door with Josiah.

"Why do the baby rexes have to stay with us?"

Josiah was about to answer him, but Shelly cut him off. "Because Josiah has Sid at his apartment, and I agreed with him to take the babies to our apartment."

Ken made a face at his sister. "You have got be kiddin', and about mom and dad. They are going to freak out big time if they find these guys in the apartment. We only avoided getting seen with them by dumb luck."

Shelly waved him off. "Mom and dad won't be home until tomorrow. And there weren't many people on the streets this early time in morning."

Josiah nodded. "We've been careful so far. And don't worry so much, Ken. If your parents do come home you guys can tell them the truth."

He turned to leave with Sid. "I need to head back to the corporation to see Zake about his new invention. Sid, you can come with me."

"Thanks," said Sid.

They were about to leave when Yoko rushed over to them, a pleading look in his eyes.

"You want to come with us?" Josiah asked the little dino.

Yoko nodded his head and wagged his tail.

"Fine by by me, but you have to stay with Sid at all times, got it?"

Yoko nodded and they headed out the door.

Part 6: Lab AccidentEdit

The trip back to the corporation didn't take long. No one saw Josiah, Sid, or Yoko walk down the street to the outskirts of town. Once, a dog came up from behind Yoko and gave him a friendly sniff under the tail. Yoko didn't take to that very kindly. He bared his sharp teeth and gnashed them at the dog's face. The surprised animal yelped in fright and ran away whimpering.

When they arrived at the corporation Josiah led Sid and Yoko down to Zeke's lab, which was located on the fourth floor. The inside of the lab was large and circular with power gadgets and data machines. There were switches and computers that were lined against the wall. And in the middle of the room was a pedestal. And facing the pedestal was Zeke's pride and joy: the molecular growth ray. "Wow," Sid exclaimed,looking at the computers and machines. "This is some lab." "Some lab," cooed Yoko. Josiah waved a hand over the lab and smiled proudly. "Its much better then the original lab we had planned before. This is way better." "Way better," Yoko cooed.

Sitting at one of the tables was Zeke, who was busy working on the growth rays enhancer. He placed each of the multicolored enhancers into round slots, which gave off little peeps when he placed one in. "Hey, Zeke," Josiah greeted. Zeke turned around and smiled at his friend. "Its good to see you down here, Clover," He smiled. "I haven't seen you down here to see me in a long while." He then noticed Sid and Yoko. "And who are these guys?" "This is Sid the sloth, and this Yoko, his foster son." Zeke looked confused. "What do you mean 'foster son?' " Josiah shrugged his shoulders. "Its a long story, Zeke. And we don't have time for it."

Nodding, Zeke turned on the machines power coupling and it glowed to life. "The machine is almost ready, Josiah. All i need is the approval of Mr. Brie and board to have it tested."

"What do you mean?" Asked Sid. Zeke didn't even flinch when he heard Sid speak. He had been informed about Josiah's ice age adventure before. "It means," Said Zeke solemnly. "I can't use this machine unless I get permission from Mr. Brie."

Sid nodded in understanding. Then he got an idea. "Say, Zeke, why don't you give the machine a test run, you know. It might work on the first try."

"I don't think that's such a good idea, Sid." Josiah said heatedly."Mr. Brie wouldn't approve."

Sid was unconvinced. "Oh, come, please? It might work, guys." Josiah shook his head. "No, Sid,"

Zeke gave it some thought. It might work on is first trail run.

"Alright I'll give it a try!"

Josiah looked at him as if he was made. "Are you nuts? We don't know if the rays power is strong enough. And what are we going to use as a target?"

All of them looked around the room. There didn't seem to be anything for the ray to target.

Then Josiah's eyes fell on Yoko's stuffed little bear that was given to him by Shelly and Ken.

"Hey, can I barrow this guy, pal?" He asked, taking a hold on the bear.

Yoko whined, "No,"

"Come on. Let me see if I can make little bear really big little bear, huh?"

He took the bear away and placed it in a sitting position on the pedestal. Yoko made a whining sound and reached out for his toy. Zeke activated his machine and gave each of the others safety sunglasses to wear. Josiah target the stuffed bear and pressed the start button. A computer voice sounded in the room,counting down the laser's activation.

"30 seconds," Yoko stood by Sid's side, looking from the bear to the others as they watched the computer screens. "25 seconds," Yoko decided to go for it. "20 seconds," Carefully and quietly Yoko walked over to the pedestal. "19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6," Just then a series of explosions sputtered from the abort switches, snapping everyone's head to them. "What was that?" cried Sid, jumping a foot in the air.

"Its a power surge!" shouted Zeke, hurrying to turn them off.

"Quick Josiah! The abort switches!" "4, 3, 2, 1, 0." Before Yoko could even touch his teddy bear a beam from the ray struck him in the head, knocking backward onto the lab floor. The beam didn't hurt him, but it did leave him kind of feeling funny. Since he didn't want to get in trouble from Sid, Yoko quickly made his way back to his side and acted like nothing happened. Zeke and Josiah, however, tried turning off the power flow from the switches. Zeke checked the computer again and saw a message on the screen that said, 'Unable to abort: Flow break'

A series of pops and sparks burst from the control boxes, making Josiah and Sid cover their eyes and face. Finally, the sparks ceased and the machine turned down. Zeke checked the controls again to make sure nothing was damaged in the explosion.

"Nothing seems to be broken, guys," He stated, giving the computer and machines a one over. "Josiah, see if the bear is alright."

Josiah walked over to the pedestal and picked up the bear. He looked up and down but saw nothing had changed when the beam hit it. He gave it back to Yoko and help Zeke with the controls.

Unknown to the three, Yoko started feeling something strange fizzing in his body. Whatever it was, it was not a good feeling.

Part 7: Growing painsEdit

"Oh, what a mess, what a mess, what a mess!" Groaned Zeke as he tried fixing the computers and batteries. Josiah, Sid, and Yoko wanted to help, but Zeke told them that he could handle it on his own.

As they left the lab area Josiah noticed that most of the lights were flickering on and off when they past. A few minutes later the group was inside the jeep, with Yoko in a baby seat.

Josiah was driving carefully as they headed for his apartment. As he drove he heard Yoko in the backseat babbling to himself about being bigger.

"I'm bigger. Bigger, bigger, bigger."

In the passenger seat Sid asked, "Josiah, how come the corporation needs a growth ray?"

Josiah gave it some thought and shrugged. "I don't know what goes on in that mind of Zeke's, you know? I think he invented it to make food grow faster, or something."

They pulled into the parking-lot and got out. Sid got Yoko out of the back seat and Josiah help him with the belt buckle.

"Okey, Sid, looks like I gotta teach you a thing or to about the future. So I'm gonna get Kathrine to baby-sit Yoko. And he's gonna have himself a good time."

"Sounds okey to me," said Sid. "I always wanted to see what the world of the humans would be like."

The apartment was as good as Shelly and Ken's, with five floors. Sid and Yoko put on their disguises and went in through the front door with Josiah. They encountered no one in the elevator or on the third-floor.

As soon as they were in Josiah's apartment, Sid and Yoko breathed a sigh of relief and collapsed onto the sofas.

"You know, Josiah, its not easy going around your world without getting caught. Why do we have to do this anyway?"

"I told you, Sid," Explained Josiah. "We can't have other humans seeing you and Yoko. If that happened who knows what they would do to you guys."

Sid and Yoko both nodded. The prospect of having Yoko or himself being taken away made Sid's insides feel unsettling. Josiah went to the phone and dialed Kathrine's number. Sid looked at the device with curiosity. He had never seen such a gadget in his life.

The phone dialed and soon Kathrine answered.


"Hey Kathrine, its me."

"Oh, hey, Josiah, how's it going, mate?"

Josiah smiled. He knew Kat was half Australian and didn't mind how the fifteen year hold spoke.

"Not much, lass, only..." He broke off for a second. "Are you available to baby-sit for me for a while?"

"What do you mean baby-sit?" Kathrine sounded puzzled by his request.

"Well, my mom won't be back until Sunday, so I invited some 'friends' over and thought that maybe you could watch one of them, you know. But just for a short while, mind you."

There was a pause on the other line. Josiah knew Kathrine was thinking it over.

"Alright, mate, you got yourself a deal. I charge $2.50 an hour. Unless, of course, I actually have to do change diapers and clean up, in which case, the price goes higher."

Josiah shook his head. "Oh, no. All you have to to do is just watch one of them, really."

"Okey, see you at...what time?"


"Okey, see you soon mate."

Josiah hung up the phone and turned to Sid and Yoko. "Well, my friend Kathrine will be here shortly, guys. So make yourselves comfy and I'll make us some popcorn."

Sid propped his feet up on the small table and Yoko followed Josiah into the kitchen, wanting to see how popcorn was made.

Josiah placed the popcorn package in the microwave oven and asked Yoko to watch it while it cooked.

Yoko watched as the popcorn was being made. But then he noticed that small electrical currents were buzzing around the microwave. Curious,Yoko propped himself up onto a stool and took a closer look. Taking his teddy bear, Yoko brought it up to the microwave and giggled, "Big, big teddy." And that's when it happened. Yoko suddenly felt a wave of electrical power shoot right through him, making him feel tingly inside. Then he felt himself growing until only his head nearly touched the ceiling. Yoko yelped in pain as his head hit the overhead light, which swayed a bit from the impact.

In the living room both Josiah and Sid heard Yoko's yelp and a small crash, like something broke.

"What's that?" Asked Sid, turning to the kitchen.

"I don't know," Said Josiah.

The two of them walked into the kitchen...and then both of them screamed at the top of their lungs and scrambled back into the living room, diving behind the couch.

Panting, Sid said, "Josiah, how?"

"Where were you in the lab this morning? Where you watching Yoko?" Said Josiah, gripping the couch.

"He was off to the side," Said Sid.

"But at the moment of discharge, where was he?"

"Just before, he was off to the side...wasn't he?"

Standing up, Josiah said, "Somehow, I don't think so."

The pair of them watched as Yoko, who was now seven feet tall, walked into the living and said, "Boo."

Part 8: A big Yoko problemEdit

Josiah and Sid could not believe what they were seeing. Yoko was now nearly as tall as the ceiling. His tail and snout were almost touching one end the living room to the other.

The only good thing about it was that Yoko was still able to fit through the kitchen door. The baby dino waddled a bit and sat down on the couch, the springs creaking under his massive weight.

Sid was almost beside himself with worry. "Don't worry, Yoko. Josiah is going to make everything better." He turned to Josiah and asked. "Right?"

Josiah was rubbing head and biting his lips. He didn't know if he could make things better but he had to try something.

"Okey, we gotta get him back to the corporation, get Zeke to get his machine working, hit him with the beam again and reverse the growth."

"There's only one problem with that, Josiah," Sid pointed out. "Don't you think the other humans might get a little suspicious with us walking in with a seven foot baby dinosaur?"

Yoko babbled, "Oh oh," and shook his head.

Josiah knew Sid had a good point. There was no telling what Dr Leon Likon or Simon, Will, and Owen would do if they got their grubby hands on Yoko. He needed to get Yoko back to normal size before this got out of hand. And fast.

Josiah didn't know how they did it, but it wasn't easy. First, they had to get Yoko out of his apartment and into his families mini van. Then they drove to the Big n' Tall mens store to buy clothes for Yoko to wear as a disguise. And then, with some difficulty, were able to get Yoko into the corporation building. Josiah gave Yoko an xxx-large brown striped coat to wear and a beekeeper hat for his head.

"Here, Yoko. Put this on." Said Josiah, handing him the hat. Yoko put it on his head but it seemed a bit big for him.

"He looks like a badly dressed prehistoric beekeeper." Sid stated, shaking his head.

Josiah rolled his eyes. "Its good enough, Sid. Now lets go." He guided Yoko through the double doors and past the sign in station, careful not to let the sleepy security guard wake up. Sid followed close behind.

As soon as they reached the lab doors Josiah entered through first, followed by Yoko and Sid. But as the trio were making their way down the, a flashlight beam shone into Josiah's face. Then a cold voice called, "Clover! What do you think you are doing down here?"

Josiah knew all too well who it was. It was Dr. Likon. And beside him were Simon, Will, and Owen, who were busy cleaning up most of the lab.

Josiah snapped his head back up to Sid and whispered quickly, "Go back up!"

Sid spun 'round and hurried Yoko back up the stairs. Josiah turned back to Leon, who was walking up the stairs toward him.

"Well, well. I'm little surprised to see you down here, Clover. After what you and your friend, Zeke, did to that machine!"

Josiah tried acting as if he didn't know what Leon was talking about. "What are you talking about?"

Leon's eyes were boring into Josiah. He tried not to blink.

"You know what I'm talking about, you idiot!"

He reached into his lab coat pocket and took out one of the power cells that go into the growth machine.

"You and Zeke jammed up the power cell pack, you idiot! It caused everything in the data base to be erased! All 48 gigabytes." Still snarling, Leon put the cell pack back into his pocket. "Because of you and Zeke the corporation has just lost a valuable machine that costs a lot of money!"

Josiah glared at Leon but stayed silent.

"Zeke tells me its not your fault, but his. How very touching...and who was that?"

Leon looked over Josiah's shoulder to peer at the double doors where Sid and Yoko were. Josiah instinctively tried to block him from seeing Yoko or Sid.

"Uh...a friend of mine," Josiah fibbed, trying to keep Yoko out of view.

"What language was he speaking?" Leon said, losing his patients.


Leon's face went red. "You let a yugoslavian foreigner into the lab?!"

"He's not a foreigner," Josiah tried to explain. "He's my mothers nephew from yugoslavia. He is family. And he just wanted to see the lab and so I brought him here."

Leon was nodding his head, like this was a joke. But Josiah knew that he was not that easily fooled by any explanation. So he decided to change the subject.

"How soon can we restore the power to the back ups?"

Leon sneered at him. "That does not concern you anymore. You and your team, as well as Zake, are off the growth ray project." He turned off the flash light and made his way down the steps.

Outraged, Josiah followed him and said, "You don't have any authority to make that decision!"

Leon stopped and faced him. "Your right, Clover. Maybe I don't. So, why don't you call Mr. Brie right now and tell him what you and your friend did."

Josiah bit his lip. This was Leon's trump card. He knew he had a cell phone in his lab coat and that he was prepared to use it.

"However, after this mornings little stunt, and the time and the money it will take to get everything fixed, I don't think the man will have a great deal of sympathy."

Smirking, Leon turned and walked down the stairs, leaving Josiah on the steps, sieving with anger and frustration.

Even when Josiah left, Leon still had his suspicions as why the lab almost blew up. He turned to Simon and his group.

"Start working on data restoration backward from 8:57 this morning to exactly when the data was erased." He turned back to the double doors and his eyes narrowed. "I want to find out what he and Zeke were up to."

Back in the van, Josiah and Sid were discussing about Yoko.

"But why didn't you tell them, Josiah?" said Sid, wandering why they couldn't just ask for help from somebody in the corporation. "A least then you'd be able to tell them what happened to Yoko."

Shaking his head, Josiah explained seriously, "Look, Sid. Me and my group can't risk you guys being found out. We don't want you to be used as specimens. To go under countless tests, to go under endless observations and who knows what else!"

Sid glanced back at Yoko, who was now asleep in the empty back of the van. "What about Yoko? What are we gonna' do?"

Josiah glanced at Sid and then to Yoko and back to the road.

"I don't know," Josiah said in uncertain voice. "What I do know is, Sid, we better find a way to fix this before it gets any worse."

Part 9: He's not a baby dinosaur. He's a monster!Edit

It took a while to get back to the apartment, but Josiah managed it. Shelly and Ken, along with the two other baby dinos, met him up stairs on the third floor. Because the elevators weren't strong enough to hold Yoko's weight, they had to use the stairs. When they arrived, Shelly and Ken were awe-struck at the size of the baby t-rex. Josiah and Sid filled them in on what happened at the lab.

"It's a good thing Yoko is not a real baby. Because there is no way I'm changing his diapers." Ken said sarcastically.

Nobody seemed to laugh at this. All Ken got was a glare from Josiah, who was making sure Yoko was sitting down.

"So, what do we do with him?" said Shelly, scratching her head. "We can't wait for him to shrink back to normal size."

"No, that will take too long," Said Sid. "And what if he still grows bigger?"

Upon hearing this from Sid, Josiah started closing the shutters.

Shelly asked him why he was closing them.

"So one of the neighbors from the other apartment doesn't look in, see a 7 foot baby rex, and call the National Prehistoric Enquirer." He said, closing another shutter.

And then the door bell started ringing. All seven heads turned to the front door.

"Doorbell," cooed Yoko.

"Who's that?" Said Shelly.

"One of the neighbors." Replied Josiah. And he closed the last shutter.

"So far your plan has been working perfectly." Ken said sarcastically.

"We got to hide Shelly and Egbert, guys!" Sid, hurrying to find a place to hide. Josiah rushed to the door and told everyone to get out of sight. It was a little hard for Yoko because he was too big to hide. Opening the door Josiah met one of his neighbors, miss Diamond. She was a short plump woman wearing round rimmed classes and smelled of green apple perfume. Her hair was frizzy and tangled with a comb.

"Hi, miss Diamond, is something wrong?"

"Yeah, I heard stomping and a lot of noise and I was wondering if everything's okay."

"Oh, yes," Josiah said casually. "Everything is fine. We're just...entertaining..."

"Uncle ted!" Shelly whispered over to him.

"Uncle Ted..." Josiah repeated, nodding his head. "Bye!"

He closed the door quickly and faced Shelly, giving her a frown.

"Uncle Ted? is that the best you could come up with?" Said Ken incredulously.

"Hey!" Shelly shot back at her brother. "Its the only name I could come up with!"

Meanwhile, back at the corporation lab, Miles and the others were re-recording everything that had happened that morning. The images they got from the computer showed a single blurry picture.

"Well, Miles, what is it?" said Leon.

Miles adjusted his glasses and typed in the image enhancer. The image was still blurry, but Leon knew what it was. "Its a teddy bear and a baby t-rex." He stood up and an evil smile curled on his lips. "Mr Clover and Zeke must have tempered with the machine harder then I thought. I'm going to pay him a little visit." Turning on his heel, Leon left the lab.

By 2:56 Yoko was napping peacefully in a make-shift playpen, which was built by Shelly and Josiah. Ken had put Egbert and Shelly in the guestroom.

"so, what do we do know?" said Sid. "How are we going to get Yoko back to shrink back to normal size?"

"Shrink...shrink..." Josiah repeated in a whisper. "Shrink! that's it! Zeke's prototype molecular shrink ray!"

"That old thing?" inquired Ken. "But Zeke said it can only shrink things that were 15 feet tall or higher. And Yoko here is only 7 feet tall."

"Well, we gotta try something," Said Shelly. "Yoko's life depends on it. If we're going to do this then its going to have to be a covert operation."

"Your right, Shelly." Josiah said, getting up off the couch. "You can come with me. Ken and Sid can stay here and with Yoko and the babies..." He trailed off a bit, considering his plan.

"Oh, no! we are not leaving my brother and Sid here alone." Shelly said, waving both her hands at Josiah and Ken.

"Shelly, we can't take Yoko back to the lab. There is no telling what Leon might do if he gets his hands on him."

Josiah looked at Yoko and then at Shelly. "We have no other choice. We'll go to the warehouse and get the machine. Ken and Sid can stay here and look after the babies and Yoko."

There was no point in arguing. Both he and Shelly quickly and quietly went out the door and then hurried down to the garage. Josiah knew, while he was driving the jeep, that if Yoko got any bigger he would no longer be a playful baby dinosaur. In everyone's eyes, Yoko would not be a baby but a monster.

Part 10: Big troubleEdit

Crates. That was all Josiah and Shelly could see when they arrived at the lab warehouse. There were thousands upon thousands of big-large crates and boxes.

"They stored all of Zeke's inventions in one large crate. It should be easy to spot." Josiah said.

But Shelly had her doubts, too. "What if its not in alphabetical order?"

Josiah slumped his arms. "All I wanted to do today was to take Sid to the movies...Uh, oh" he suddenly groaned, stopping in his tracks.

Shelly turned to him. "What?" She didn't like it when there was an 'uh,oh' in his sentence.

Unknown to Shelly, Katherine had arrived at the apartment and was now on the the third floor. Inside the apartment, Ken and the baby dinos were taking a nap. Outside, Katherine knocked on the door three times. The knocking wasn't loud, but it was loud enough to get Yoko to wake up. The big baby dino quietly got up and walked out of his makeshift playpen. Ken was still asleep, like always, so Yoko decided to answer the door for him. Using his two fingered claw Yoko turned the knob and opened the door.

Katherine's hand was about to touch the doorknob when the door to the apartment opened. She looked up....and fainted. Yoko's head stuck out of the apartment and when he looked down he saw a human girl standing in the doorway.But when the girl looked up and saw him she fainted dead-a-way. Yoko didn't know what he did, but he was not sticking around to get in trouble for it. Carefully, he made his way around the girl and headed down the hall and down the staircase.As soon as he was outside on the ground floor, Yoko felt another surge of electricity run through his body. He looked down and saw that his claw was touching a light switch. Small electrical currents were flowing into him. Yoko knew what this meant. another growth attack.

Part 11: Yoko takes CaliforniaEdit

When Ken and the babies had woken up, the first thing they noticed was Yoko was missing. They checked every room and could not find him. That's when they spotted the apartment door ajar. Ken ran over to the door and looked down to see Katherine laying on the ground, in a faint. He brought her inside and placed her on the couch. By the time she had woken up, Ken was finishing tying the last knot to her leg.

Katherine tried to move, but she had been tied very securely to a chair.

"Whats going on here?!" she demanded, struggling with her bonds. "Ken, you better let me go, right now!"

Ken tried to say something, but couldn't find the words to calm her down.

" see..." He began.

Meanwhile, Yoko was sitting down in the middle of a col De sac, surrounded by laughing children. The big baby dino giggled as the kids played on him and slid down his back and off his tail. The nervous parents tried to beckon their children to come away from the giant baby dinosaur but kids ignored them and continued anyway. The entrance of the col de sac was surrounded by lots of people who were trying to get a good look at the giant baby dinosaur.

Elsewhere in the town, Josiah and Shelly finally made it back to the apartment, only to receive some bad news from Ken.

"What?! what do ya' mean that he's gone?!" shouted Josiah.

"It's what I just told you," explained Ken defensively. "Yoko just walked out of here. It happened when I was napping."

flailing his arms, Josiah started shouting, "OH I knew this would happen!"

"Calm down, Clover," Katherine said. "All we have to do is find Yoko, use the machine to shrink him back to normal size and get him and his siblings home."

Cast Edit

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