This trivia page has some parodies and cameos in Open season/ice age crossover

  • The title of chapter 2 is "Strange things are Happening" which is a refrence to the song in the 1995 film toy story which is sung by Randy Newmen.
  • This is Red-Horn's latest fanfiction so far.
  • This is also Fast Tony's first fanfic.
  • The cast from the Open Season films all respise their roles in this story exept for the people who played the Skunks and Ian.
  • This is the 8th fanfiction Scratte is pregnant in.
  • When the Brachiosaurus broke the hole in the ice and Scrat slid down it is a reference to the third film Were Ellie, Crash, Eddie, Manny and Diego slide down a Brachiosaurus too.
  • This is Jane Krakowski's second ice age film to star in (really second fanfic after she played a human in Ice Age 4: The Th4w).
  • The oriniginal plot of this was Fifi (the main villan of open season 2) was getting revenge on the wild animals by putting them in a time machine but I decided the wild animals run into it and try get elliot out of the time machine and they ended up in there too to go to the ice age and I've chosen Red-Horn as the main villan.
  • When scrat gets on his spider suit made by the spiders to help scrat save scratte from red-horn it is a parody of the film spiderman.When Spider man (Scrat) has to save mary jane (scratte) from the green gobilen (red horn). Also spiderman came out the same year Ice Age came out which was 2002.
  • ScratteLover2's fanfiction character Guan makes a cameo stepping on a rock on the Plates of Woe angirly and mad at the Sub-Zero Heroes killing half her herd but her other body parts and other leg doesn't appear and she doesn't appear through out the rest of the story.
  • This also explains at the end why Momma has no mate in the ice age films.Poppa (Momma's mate) fell into lava at lava falls,killing him with Momma almost crying after the flashback of Poppa's death at lava falls.

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