Papa is a male tyrannosaurus from Rudy: The Beginning of the Beast. He is the mate of Momma and the father of Egbert, Yoko and Shelly. He gets Momma pregnant with Egbert, Yoko and Shelly at the end of Rudy: The Beginning of the Beast. The story ends with Momma laying her eggs in the ice cave. He is voiced by Frank Welker, who also voices his mate Momma.


He has a orange skin and a dark red stripe along his snout. He has a peach underbelly, that is similar to Momma's underbelly.


Papa Dino has a "no nonsense" kind of attitude and does not show much humor like his 'wife' and has a bit of a short temper. He does not keep his feelings to himself, nor can he tell how he feels about anything because he does not comprehend the language of mammals. He normally speaks a language that is spoken by growling, roaring, and grunting.

He does not like the fact that Momma has made friends with Sid and would often snort in irratation whenever the she would bring up the subject.


Rudy: The Beginning of the BeastEdit

Momma meets him at the end of Rudy: The Beginning of the Beast. They fall in love at first sight. Momma is revealed to be pregnant at the end of the story, because her stomach be seen getting larger.


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