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Shelly's room
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Shelly's room is a part of the cave that Shelly's family lives in that Shelly has to herself.


It appears in Ice Age 8: The Return of Rudy's Sister when Shelly is sleeping from along day of helping out the herd, and Sylvia taking care of Sid Jr. and Sydney. She has been the only person that ever lived in the cave since her family moved in. Since she was a girl that didn't have a mate yet, Sid and Momma. When she wants to be alone, playing hide and seek or just wants to sleep, she always goes into the cave. When Red-Horn attacked the valley in Ice Age 5: The Revenge of Red-Horn, she and her brothers hid in the cave, even it wasn't named.

Later appearancesEdit

Since Shelly (a character that has been in every fanfic by me) has been in every fanfic I've written (except Rudy), her room will appear in sequels after this.

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It might appear in more spinoffs or even Ice Age 9: Attack of the Mothman (sequel and spinoff to my fanfics). Shelly, her brothers, Sylvia, Sid Jr. and Sydney will in the cave from the mothman when it first comes through a time portal that was accidently opened by Scrat's time machine. Template:Endspoiler


The walls over the cave are a grayish color, with stalactites and stalacmites on the floor and ceiling. In the cave Shelly has a small rock platform with piles of grass on it that she uses as a bed. It also has a pillow on the bed that is made from spider silk with grass and leaves on the inside. On the wall of her cave she has the costume Sylvia had made for her, and a copy of the costume Sid made for her (she kept it since he died). At the back of the cave is a small opening that goes into a small room that she uses to hide from her brothers in, when she dosen't want them to find her. Sometimes water drips from the rocks on the ceiling of the cave, but Shelly dosen't mind.

Reason Shelly sleeps aloneEdit

She sleeps alone in the cave because she dosen't like the noise of her brothers snoring, the fact she is the youngest and the only girl t-rex in the cave. She dosen't like to sleep with her brothers (even Yoko and she has a crush on him). She just dosen't want to have kids young.

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