PicT.W.C clothes

T.W.C Clothes

The clothing and accessories that the T.W.C wear was a distinctive part of their corporation. Each of the clothes where featured in Ice Age: The Time Kids.

Basic outfitEdit

  • Josiah-During most of his adventures through time, accept when he time-traveled to 2025, Josiah wore tan and green khaki pants, a blue long-sleeve Dickie work shirt, a green sweater vest, and size 13 red Dunham Waffle Stomper Premier Hiking boots.
  • 2025- The outfit Josiah chose to wear was a blue and red auto-adjusting and auto-drying jacket, black rustler jeans, the same red hiking boots, and a color-shifting lenticular cap.

  • Shelly-As a tomboy in 2010 Shelly wore brown cargo khaki shorts that reached her knees, red hiking boots, a green bandanna, a red t-shirt with blue on the sleeves with the letters 'T.W.C printed on the left side of the shirt, and brown fingerless gloves.

  • Ken-Not believing in fashion like the others, Ken wore basic brown cargo shorts, a green t-shirt the same as Shelly's, red hiking boots, and blue stretchable swimming speedos under his underwear.

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