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Tera is a female Pteranodon from Ice Age: The Revenge of Scar-Face who is voiced by Tress MacNeille. She is mostly pale blue, pale orange and grey.


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Chapter 2Edit

She first appears in the Chasm of Death when the land bridge of the cave collapses under Amber, she flies down into the canyon and catches her. She flies back up to the cliff, and decides to journey back to the valley with them, hoping to find a better home than the Chasm of Death.

Chapter 3Edit

She leads the group into a smaller sized cave located inside one of the many caverns inside the Plates of Woe, where the spend the night.

She tells the story of how she ended up living in the Chasm of Death for several years.

Physical appearanceEdit

Her crest and most her head is a dark, slightly pale blue, and she has a orange beak. Her eye lids are a pale orange, and she has a grey underbelly. She looks young for being a sixteen year old, she is portrayed as being a young, beautiful character of Roger's species. She has pitch black eyes and talons and she is slightly taller than Roger.


  • She is voiced by Tress MacNeille who voiced Mama Flyer in all thirteen The Land Before Time movies and all twenty-six episodes of the tv series.
  • She is the same species as Mama Flyer, a Pteranodon.
  • She is actually based off of Mama Flyer too.
  • From Revenge of Scar-Face on she is going to be the main character of my fanfictions.
  • She is going to appear in the sequel to The Pebble and the Penguin/Ice Age crossover.
  • She is going to also appear in the re-write of The Land Before Time/Ice Age crossover.
  • She is the first and only pterodactly to ever appear in any Ice Age fanfiction other than Roger.

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