The Poll has been closed, and I've decided to do all four endings, I'm not going to reveal how it ends, you'll have to read to find out, but all four will done. One as the official ending, and the other three as the alternate endings.

Fandom This article is purely fandom and was fan-made. It is not considered canon to the main Ice Age series.

The Descent/Ice Age crossover part 2
Directed by
Produced by
Written by ScratteLover2
Narrated by
Starring Anne Hathaway
Tinsley Grimes
Karen Disher
Tim Abell
Anna Skellern
William Langlois Monroe
John Leguizamo
Paul Logan
Frank Welker
Zooey Deschanel
Editing ScratteLover2
Distributor ScratteLover2
Release date(s) June 29, 2010
Running time
MPAA Rating Rated PG-13 for Violence/Peril and Mild Language
Preceded by The Descent/Ice Age crossover
Followed by The Descent/Ice Age crossover part 3
IMDb profile

The Descent/Ice Age crossover part 2 is a sequel to The Descent/Ice Age crossover. It stars Anne Hathaway, Tinsley Grimes, Karen Disher and Tim Abell.


Jewel (Anne Hathaway) is found in the woods, and taken back to Snow Valley by the mysterious Drake (Paul Logan). There her friends try and wake her up, but nothing works. She is heard mumbling something about monsters in a cave, but they don't understand her. Dilo (Tim Abell) forces her back into the cave to find her "missing" friends. Once in the cave, they are trapped in it by a landslide, and they begin to find the bodies of the missing girls one, by, one.

Chapter 1: The Return to the CaveEdit

Drake is walking through the woods searching for any sign of the girls, he thinks to himself, Jeez, where the heck are they? They've been missing for three days. He comes to a clearing further down in the path of the woods, he slowly walks towards the clearing. He hears a growl, then a faint clicking, he starts to get nervous, and says to himself, "Man, I'm waisting my time. They've been gone three days, how is any gone find them?"

He walks through the clearing of the woods, the clicking begins to get louder, and he begins to hear loud screams from far down in the woods. He pulls out his pistol and yells, "Hey! Who's there? I've got a gun!" He hears another scream, this time it sounds like a girl, and not an animal. He yells, "Hang on! I'm coming!" He hears more screaming, and runs into the woods towards the source.

He comes to a cave entrance, where the clicking and screaming is louder than ever, he hears the girl scream again and says, "Come on out. Its just me, Drake. No ones going to hurt you." All of a sudden, a blood covered dilophosaurus comes scurrying out of the tunnel scream.

He says, "Jeez! You scared the crap out of me! Jewel, what happended?" She dosen't respond and he says, "Darn it, do you hear me? What the heck happended?" She still dosen't respond, she hears the clicking from inside the cave and screams, loud. She says, "Drake! We have to get out of here! There's something in that cave!" He says, "What are you talking ab..." he is cut off by multiple growls, and the sound another girl screaming from inside the cave and says, "Oh crap. Okay, I'll... I'll go get the others, and your coming with me."

The two begin running away from the mouth of the cave, while the screams of the whatever it is in the cave can still be herd. Back at the cave, Drake is talking to his team that he had searching for the girls, Scratte, Dilo, Dila, Bryan and Sid. "Okay, so guys. There's something in that cave, I found Jewel covered in blood, and I could hear animals, and a girl screaming from inside the cave. The first screams were Jewel, then after she came out, there was more screaming that sounded like Jennifer."

Sid says, "Jennifer, do you mean Shelly's sister or the sloth?" Drake says, "Shelly's sister, yeah Shelly, the other Jennifer, Rachel and Ali were in that cave, and they are missing too." Sid says, "I just that Jennifer and Shelly aren't dead, Yoko and Egbert won't ever talk to me again, I was the one that made them go into the cave. They'll blame me if they turn out to be dead." Drake says, "Yeah, you guys are going back into the cave with Jewel to find the other five girls, alive. I want all five of those girls back out of this cave in one piece, and that goes the same for all six of you."

A few minutes later, the rescue team, with Jewel is back at the mouth of the cave along with Drake too. None of them hear the growling, screaming or clicking Drake was talking about, so now they just think him and Jewel are crazy. Drake says, "You guys be careful in there, and remember, some of the cave is very unstable, so be keep the shooting low, or how about you just leave your guns here?"

Dila says, "No Drake. We have six people missing and we don't why. So were taking guns no matter what, but we'll be careful." Drake walks off, and the rescue team walks into the mouth of the cave. Once in the cave Sid says, "Jeez." Dilo says, "Okay, lets just stop admiring it, and get in the cave."

Chapter 2: The Return into the DarknessEdit

Dila approaches the cave entrance, she hears a very faint clicking and she says, "I... I heard something in there. Dilo, I don't think that it is such a good idea to go in there. Is there another way to get into the cave?" Dilo responds, "No, that's the only way into the cave." Scratte thinks, You've got to be kidding me. Then the rescue team walks into the entrance of the cave, three of the pale guanlongs can be seen watching them from up on a ledge.

The rescue team comes to a small cavern with a tunnel in it, and Dilo says, "There's only one way out of this cave, and that's down that tunnel over there." Bryan says, "Great. I just have a bad feeling that something's going to go wrong on this trip, I mean come, we have six friends missing: Jennifer, Shelly, Jennifer, Rachel, Ali and one guanlong!" Dila says, "Yeah, and that's why were taking this carefully. We aren't going to go through tunnel quickly, it could cause it to collapse."

Bryan says, "Huh? We have to crawl through that?!"

Dilo just ignores him, and crawls into the tunnel shortly after Dila did, once in the tunnel he can see that Dila is already half way down it.

Dila reaches the bottom of the tunnel, and she yells up it, "Come on Dilo! Hurry up so the others can get through!" After a few minutes Dilo finally reaches the end of the tunnel. Now Bryan, Jewel and Scratte are trying to get through the tunnel, Scratte and Jewel went in first, then Bryan.

Scratte reaches the end of the tunnel quickly due to her small size, but the others are only about halfway through, Jewel says, "This is rediculous! Having to crawl through this small of tunnel!" Jewel puts her front hands foward, then she feels her self drop.

Bryan yells, "Jewel!" Then he falls off the same ledge and lands right on top of her, she lets out a small shriek of pain. The look up and see that they are at the end of the tunnel. Jewel looks around for a few seconds, then she remembers where shes at. She screams, then runs off into the darkness.

Dilo yells, "Jewel! Come back," he begins to chase after her while the others just watch them run off into the darkness. Jewel comes to a large rock in another cave, and she hides behind it. Dilo runs into the cave but he dosen't see Jewel or know that she's hiding.

He turns and runs down the next tunnel into another cave, Dila, and the others finally reach the cave that Jewel is hiding in. Dila sees something laying behind a rock, she points over to it and says, "I saw... something behind that rock, I'm pretty sure it moved." The three slowly walk upto the rock, and behind it they find a body.

Dila screams out, "No! Rachel!" Bryan pulls her back, holds her in her arms and says, "What... what could do that? Huh? You said that only a few bugs and field mice live down here! She completly torn apart!" Sid looks at the body, then he quickly looks away in disqust while screaming, "Oh Jeez! Let's get out of here!"

Dila stands up, and she feels her foot hit something, she says, "What the heck?" She bends down, picks it up and sees that its a camera. Dila says, "This... this is the girls camera. Let's see if it can tell us what happened."

Dila turns it on, and the six girls are seen standing in a cave, one one of them, Rachel begins yelling, "Hello! Is anybody there?! Hello! Oh forget it! HELLO!" She backs into something, grey looking that jumps at her screeching and Sid says, "What the heck was that?!" The three look besides themseves, and they see the same creature staring directly at them, Sid just falls back against the rock screaming while the other two run down the tunnel."

Sid gets up right and runs out of the way when it shortly before it lands right where he was laying, he runs down into the tunnel after the others, and the guanlong just walks off into the darkness.

Scratte comes running into the cave, exausted, and she screams out it frustration. Jewel quickly comes up behind her, and puts her hand around Scratte's mouth. They both feel their spines go numb when they see the same guanlong comes walking back through the cave.

Sid comes into the cave, sees the two girls, and says, "Jewel? Scratte? What..." he is cut off by the guanlong charging towards him, and jumping onto him. It bites into his throat, he lets out a scream in pain, then the shot switches over to the girls who just stair in shock.

The guanlong grabs the dead Sid by the foot and drags him off into the darkness. Scratte just stairs over at Jewel, who has released her mouth, and Jewel says, "Don't worry. Its just darkness playing tricks on you mind."

The two girls get up, and they walk down the tunnel hoping they can find, and warn the others about the creatures in the cave.

Chapter 3: The Situation Gets DireEdit

Dila is still trapped in the space, she is just sitting there when she hears a faint clicking from behind the rocks. She looks through the small opening in the rocks, but dosen't see anything. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees something run across the other opening.

She goes to look through it, but when an arm comes through the whole in the rocks, she gets back and lets out a scream. It tries manages to get its head through the hole, but it's stuck now. Dila beings to climb up the rocks, she steps on small loose rock, it rolls down, and hits the guanlong in the head.

It screeches at her, she gets an idea, and she reachs the top of the wall, she kicks a large rock, which causes several other rocks to collapse down onto the guanlong, killing it.

She gets up, and in a sprint she runs out of the small cave she is in, comes to a larger cave that seems to be a dead end. She turns around, and sees Bryan over in the corner of the cave. She walks up to him and says, "Byran, get up, we have to get out of this cave! There's guanlongs in it, but none like I've every seen before." She pulls on Bryan's arm, he gets up, and what they see next is the worst thing they've ever scene.

They see the body of Jennifer hanging from the ceiling of the cave, Bryan says, "No...." All of a sudden a female guanlong drops from above and lands on Bryan, it bites him in throat. It turns to Dila with a hungry look, Bryan comes running, he tackels the guanlong, and they both fall down into the chasm.

Dila looks down, but dosen't see them, all she sees is water. She gets back about a foot, begins running, jumps onto Jennifer's body, she begins to swing back and forth. She gives one final swing, she is tossed across to the other side, and the body falls into the water.

Dila just sits down, and begins crying, she can feel her spine go numb when the loud clicking of a guanlong is heard. The camera shots switches down to the water in the cave, and Dila can be heard screaming. While she is heard screaming, a loud tearing and ripping can be faintly heard. Everything goes quiet, and drops of blood begin dripping from the cliff above into the water, turning it red.

Dilo is still walking through the dark tunnels searching for the others, he hears multiple clicking sounds all around him. He pulls out his pistol, and begins to point it in all directions. A guanlong comes up before him, he shoots it in the face, and it runs off into the cave screeching. He looks around and finds himself surrounded by multiple guanlongs, about six.

He just stands there awaiting the inevatable, then he hears several loud guns shots, that of a pistol. He then sees a young t-rex come running into the cave shooting at the guanlongs with dual pistols, she hits them directly in the head, and each of them drop dead. The last comes charging towards her, but she just empties the last six shots between her two pistols into it.

She stops to reload the guns, Dilo looks up, sees who it is, and says, "Jennifer?" He pauses for a few seconds in shock, then says, "What are these things?" She only says one word in a serious tone, "Death." Dilo gets up, and they begin walking off into the darkness of the cave hoping the can find any sign of survivors.

Chapter 4: ReunitedEdit

Jewel and Scratte are walking through the cave searching for Dilo and the others when they come to a large pond. They hear a guanlong clicking, and they quickly jump in the pond. They life their heads above the water, and they see the guanlong walking towards the pond. The two girls swim to the other side of the pond, and they guanlong begins to drink the water. It gets up, screeches loudly, then walks off into the darkness.

The two girls climb out of the pond, and they hear more clicking up on the cliffs around them. They see four guanlongs come up over the cliff, and they run down one of the tunnels. They stop at the end of the tunnel, and they see Dilo and Jennifer. Jewel says, "Jennifer?" Jennifer points her gun at Jewel, but Dilo pushes it down towards the ground, it goes off, and Dilo says, "What are you doing!"

Dilo quickly pulls the gun away from her, and the four hear a loud screeching from in the darkness of the cave. Dilo says, "Oh crap! Their coming!" They begin running as fast as they can through a very dark tunnel, which leads to a cave with a narrow path to the other side. Dilo says, "Great, how are we supposed to get acr..." he is cut off by the screeches of the guanlongs. Scratte quickly heads over to the path, and she quickly begins scurrying across it.

Jewel whispers, "Jennifer, if you were alive, why didn't you just try and get out of the cave." She snaps back, "Because, someone shot me in the leg, and left me for dead!" Dilo is shocked at what Jennifer says, he quickly pulls out a rope, and begins to tie it around his and Jewel wrists. Jewel yells, "What the heck are you doing!" Dilo says, "You aren't going to leave me to those things like you did Jennifer! So until we get out of this cave, were going to stay this way." Jewel yells, "No stinkin' way!" He pushes Jewel, and the three begin walking across the small path.

Jennifer reaches the other side first, but Jewel and Dilo begin to feel the rocks below them loosening up. They begin running, but soon as they reach the edge, the whole path collapes down into the dark chasm, leaving Jewel laying right on the edge of the cliff, and Dilo over the edge hanging by her hand. Jennifer ups and she tries to pull the ropes loose, but she can't. She picks up her pistol, and she begins to shoot down at Dilo's wrist.

The three girls look down and they see Dilo with three guanlongs attached to him falling into the darkness of the chasm. Jewel says, "Thank you Jennifer." Jennifer says, "Your welcome. Now lets get out of here before they come back." The three girls walk through the exit of the cave, but they come into another cave full of skeletons of different animals, and eight guanlongs. Jennifer whispers, "We'll have to sneak past them." The three girls begin slowly walking through the cave past the guanlongs and bones.

Jennifer feels something grab her on the leg, she looks down, sees a bloodied, but still alive Bryan, and she lets out a scream. The guanlongs look at them, and Jennifer says, "Crap! Their heard us!" Bryan collapses dead, then a guanlong comes charging towards her, but she shoots it multiple times before it can reach her. The other two girls pull out two guns, and they begin shooting at the guanlongs charging towards them.

They each kill one guanlong, leaving on four in the cave, the three girls split up, and run over to a different guanlong, they each point their guns towards the guanlongs and they shoot them dead, one of them jumps onto Jewel's back, Scratte hits it with her gun, then shoots it in the head, it drops dead. Jennifer looks up, and she sees a very large guanlong staring straight at her.

It picks her up by the neck, slams her back against its body and begins to choking her. It places its other hand over her stomach, the two girls come running over to them, they shoot a few times at it, but it keeps choking her. The girls keep shooting into it, it pushes hard against Jennifer's stomach, Jewel jumps onto the guanlongs back and she begins pulling against its neck with the rope, it pushes its claws into Jennifer's stomach, and the other girls scream out in fear when the see the blood coming from Jennifer.

Scratte shoots it multiple times in the head, it releases Jennifer, then Scratte gives three final shots to its head, it drops dead, and they run over to Jennifer who is bleeding from her stomach. Jewel picks up Jennifer in her arms, and Jennifer says, "Jewel... I forgive you... take Scratte.... and get out of her..." Jewel feels Jennifer's body go limb in her arms, and she begins crying, Scratte turns around to leave the cave, but she finds her self face-to-face with ten guanlongs.

Jewel looks away from the dead Jennifer, and sees the guanlongs, she gets up, and lets out a loud scream. The guanlongs look over to her, and they begin running over to her. Scratte is seen running away to the exit of the cave, and quickly scurring up the trail of bones. She pulls herself through the exit, and runs off into the woods, she hides herself behind the trees for a few seconds, she comes out from behind the trees, and she sees Drake standing before her.

He swings a small tree branch towards it, its hits her directly in the forehead, and knocks her unconcious, he begins to drag her body back to the entrance of the cave, he lays her body there, and runs off into the woods.

Scratte wakes up, a guanlong jumps out of the cave and...

Alternate Ending 1Edit

A guanlong grabs Scratte, and begins to drag her off into the darkness, screaming. The last two girls pick up two pieces of flint, and they begin to rub the rocks to together. The sparks flying down into a whole in the ground, then a large fire shoots out of the hole, it hits to two girls and knocks them back into the darkness, then the fire begins to shoot through all the tunnels killing all the guanlongs it hits, the fire reaches the exit of the cave, and it explodes. The last thing seen is the bodies of Jennifer, Jewel, and three guanlongs around them, then screen goes black.

Alternate Ending 2Edit

Alternate Ending 3Edit


Character Voice Description Notes:
Jewel Anne Hathaway The main character of both, Anne Hathway reprises her role as the voice of Jewel in the sequel. Lead role
Jennifer Tinsley Grimes The supporting character of both, Tinsley Grimes reprises her role as the voice of Jenneifer in the sequel. She was thought to have been killed by the guanlongs in the first. Supporting role
Scratte Karen Disher One of the final four survivors in the story, Karen Disher reprises her role as Scratte in the sequel. She is one of the three that comes close to getting killed by the guanlongs, but was saved by another character. Supporting role
Dilo Tim Abell He is the fourth of the final survivors in the story, Tim Abell replaces Chris Wedge as Dilo's voice. He is the one that forced all the others in the rescue team to search for the five missing girls in the cave. Tim Abell replaces Chris Wedge.
Dila Anna Skellern She is the female dilophosaurus from Ice Age 7, Anna Skellern replaces Karen Disher as her voice. She, like in the other stories is Dilo's sister. She isn't as violently in the other stories. She is attacked by a large guanlong and presumably torn to pieces by it, but all that is seen is some dripping blood. Anna Skellern repleaces Karen Disher.
Bryan Bill Monroe He is the son of Guan and Brandon, he is about sixteen in this. William Langlois Monroe replaces Chris Wedge due to being older. He is attacked by a female guanlong, and bitten in throat by it. He then tackles it, and they both fall down into the chasm of water. That is the last time has been seen. William Langlois Monore replaces Chris Wedge. William Monroe is credited as Bill Monroe.
Sid John Leguizamo Other than Jewel, Jennifer, Scratte and Drake he is the only character to have the same voice in every movie and fanfiction. He is the first character to die in the fanfiction, a guanlong attacks him, and bites him in the throat, then drags him off into the darkness. He isn't seen again after than. This is the second fanfiction Sid dies in.
Drake Paul Logan The brother of Dila and Dilo, he is voiced by Paul Logan in everyone of his appearances. He is a young guanlong, but he asks mysterious around the others every since he finds Jewel in the woods. This is the only fanfiction Drake has a minor role in.
Guan Zooey Deschanel She is the father of Bryan, Zooey Deschanel replaces Karen Disher as her voice. She appears a shorty at the beginning. Cameo appearance, Zooey Deschanel replaces Karen Disher.
Crawlers (Cave Guanlongs) Frank Welker The violent and bloodthirsty guanlongs return for the sequel. The growls, screeches and clicks are again made by Frank Welker. This is the only time any guanlongs have been voiced by Frank Welker.


Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details about an upcoming episode.
  • Anne Skellern, the voice of Dila, played as Cath in The Descent Part 2.
  • Paul Logan, the voice of Drake, has played as someone with the name Drake in Curse of the Komodo.
  • This is the second fanfiction to have Dilo and Dila as good guys in it.
  • This is the second fanfiction Sid dies in in.
  • The Bryan featured in this is Guan and Brandon's son.
  • This is the second fanfiction where Guan only has a cameo appearance since IceSeason101's Open Season/Ice Age crossover.

The Descent/Ice Age crossover Part 3Edit

I might write a sequel, The Descent/Ice Age crossover part 3, depending on how I plan this one. Since The Descent Part 3 is confirmed, I am going to write a sequel to this. But that won't be until, I've written this one, so no one create the page, I'll take care of that myself. I haven't chosen what characters I'll have in the third one besides Scratte.

I am going to write another one, Scratte is going to return for it, but I haven't chose who else will appear in it. I might include Guan, then Drake might have another minor role again.

Drake will be one of the residents of the valley to accompny yet another rescue team that is searching for Dilo, Dila, Sid, Bryan, Jewel, Scratte and the six girls from the first.

It will not include any alternate endings like the first two did. It'll only have one ending, but there might be a poll to choose how readers want it to end.

Here is the current cast that I have planned.


A third is seeming very likely at this moment, I've got the plot planned for the next story:

Plot summary

A third rescue team is sent into the caves to search for the missing guanlong, the six girls and the resuce team. Guan and Drake are in charge of the team, and they are leading everyone through the cave. The other members of the rescue team are Brandon, Arin, Rose and Yoko. Just like the first two teams, they are trapped in the lower bowels of the cave due to a cave in.

They are soon attacked by the guanlongs and split up into to groups. The team soon finds the remains of the thought-to-be missing friends, and what killed them. The guanlongs are far more violent and bloodthirsty than the ones in the first and second, can the rescue team find its way out of the cave before the guanlongs can kill them all or reach Snow Valley and kill all their friends? Read to find out. It'll be the final story in The Descent/Ice Age crossover series.

I am going to do a third, but there won't be a forth, so don't go asking for one.

Further SequelsEdit

I have no plans for a The Descent/Ice Age crossover Part 4, making this the last one in the series. I am not planning on writing a fourth even years later. The Descent/Ice Age crossover Part 3 will be the finale to the franchise, no matter how it ends. So don't go asking if there is going to be a fourth, cause its very unlikely at this moment.


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