Fandom This article is purely fandom and was fan-made. It is not considered canon to the main Ice Age series.
The Time Ring
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The Time ring is the fictional time traveling device that is used in the fanfiction story Ice age: The Time kids

The rings ability and how it workedEdit

The time ring, along with the time watches, could transport anyone through time and, possibly, space. The time ring is controlled by six energy binders that act as the power source for the time capacitor. when traveling into time or space, the rings would give off a soft glow then three flashes of bright light, sounding very much like three sonic booms. When a traveler arrived or returned to the station, the breaking of the time barrier was signaled by a white light that flashed several times. Each flash was preceded by a halo that condensed to form the flash. On the third flash, the time traveler arrived unhurt and safe.

The Time circuit controlsEdit

The time circuit control display was divided into three room sections: Destination Time, Present Time, and Last Time Departed. The setup was apparently user-friendly and the staff who controled the displays were able to insert destination times quickly and easily for the time watch users. When the time watch turned on, the user would instently be teleported to the destination time.

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