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The Time Watch Corporation Time Car is the newest invention built by Zeke in Ice Age:The Time Kids 2.

How it workedEdit

The four passenger time vehicle was faster, more energy efficient, a convertible, and was equipped with a sub-ether time-tracking scanner. When the time watch corporation started losing money, Zeke started building a new and improved way, and style, of time traveling. Using his granddad's blue prints and designs, Zeke finally built the first time traveling car.


Like Doc brown's time machine, Zeke's time car runs on ordinary gasoline for fuel. But to power the time car's time circuits special fuel was added to the Z-capacitor energy Reactor on the back of the car. The reacter converted household waste to power for the time car's Z-capacitor and time circuits using nuclear fusion.

Fandom This article is purely fandom and was fan-made. It is not considered canon to the main Ice Age series.

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