20th Century Fox Animation Presents A Blue Sky Studios Production Ice Age Age The Night After

Ray Romano As Manny John Leguizamo As Sid Denis Leary As Diego Frank Welker As Jungle Cat Tom  Momma Rudy Roger Pirate Rats Hyrax And Jungle Mouse Jerry Wanda Sykes As Granny Seann William Scott As Crash Josh Peck As Eddie Josh Gad As Louis Keke Palmer As Peaches Nicki Minaj As Steffie Drake As Ethan Heather Morris As Katie Joy Behar As Eunice Sid's Mother

Alan Tudyk As Milton Sid's Father And Male Sloth Siren Eddie Piolin Sotelo As Uncle Fungus Sid's Uncle Ester Dean As Sloth Siren Simon Pegg As Buck Carols Saldanha As Dinosaur Babies/Flightless Bird Ben Gleib As Marshall Sid's Brother Patrick Stewart As Ariscratle Sofie Zamchick As Linny The Guinea Pig Teala Dunn As Tuck The Turtle Danica Lee As Ming Ming The Duckling Cooper Corrao As Ollie The Bunny John Candy As Wilbur The Seagull Tristan Rogers As Jake The Kangaroo Mouse George C Scott As Percival C Mcleach Steve Whitmire As Kermit The Frog Eric Jacobson As Miss Piggy Aaron Spann As Littlefoot The Apatosaurus Thomas Dekker As Fievel The Mouse Dom Deluise As Tony The Mouse Susan Boyd As Nellie Brie The Mouse With Jennifer Lopez As Shira And Queen Latifah As Ellie Scrat Scratte And Introducing  Scrat's Dad Casting By James Stewart A S C Music By John Powell Story By Michael Berg And Lori Forte Editing By James Palumbo And David Ian Salter Cinematography By Renato Falcao Screenplay By Michael Berg And Jason Fuchs Produced By John C Dokin And Lori Forte Directed By Steve Matino And Mike Thurmeier Chapter:1 Scrat's Adventure Scrat Wearing a Tarzan Outfit Scrat Swinging  On A Vine In The Jungle And Scrat Does His Tarzan Yell And Scrat Meeting Scratte And Scrat's Dad In The Jungle But Watch Out There's A Jungle Animals On The Loose Scrat Scratte Scrat's Dad And Scrat's New Family Running Through The Jungle Swinging On A Vines Swimming Across The Jungle River And Slide Down On The Vine Slide And Find A Way Home That's Where Scrat Scratte And Scrat's Dad Live In The Scrat's Treehouse In The Jungle Then The Sun Goes Down And Stars And Moon Came Out At Night Scrat Scratte And Scrat's Dad Fall Fast Asleep

Chapter:2 Manny's Big Adventure Manny And His Friends Walking Through The Great Valley Manny Says Who Are You I'm Jake The Kangaroo Mouse Would You Like To Go To Odeon Cinema It's Called Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 In 3D Ellie Says I Can't Wait To Go To Odeon Cinema Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 In 3D Everyone Went To Odeon Cinema Cloudy With Chance Of Meatballs 2 In 3D Everybody Get Movie Food And Drinks Popcorn And Coke Everyone Get A 3D Glasses After That Everyone Watch A Film And Put On 3D Glasses And He Ate Popcorn And Drink His Coke After Odeon Cinema Everyone Went Home In The Great Valley Everyone Ate Our Super Noodles Chicken Drumsticks And Sushi And Drank His Pepsi Max Peaches Says Look Up There In The Sky Granny Says Is It A Bird Is It A Plane Ariscratle Says No It's Wonder Pets And Wonder Pets It's Coming In The Great Valley Sid Says Who Are You Louis Says Me Too Wonder Pets Says Hi Everybody Everyone Says Hello  Wonder Pets I'm Linny The Guinea Pig I'm Tuck The Turtle I'm Ming Ming The Duckling And I'm Ollie The Bunny And This Is My Friends Manny Diego Sid Jake Crash Eddie Peaches Granny Ellie Shira Louis Ariscratle And His Friends And All  A Way Home

Chapter:3 A New Home For Scrat

Scrat Scratte And Scrat's Dad Walking Through The Forest And Find A Way Home

Scrat Says Look There's Squirrels Bears Beavers Deers Skunks Porcupines Ducks Moose And Rabbits

Scratte Says Let's Take A Picture With My Camera

Scrat's Dad Says Me Too

Say Cheese


Scrat Says Wow A Picture Looks Great

Scratte Says Let's Go Home

Scrat's Dad Hey Wait For Me

Scrat Scratte And Scrat's Dad All The Way Back Home To Scrat's House

Scrat Says Were Home

Scratte Says I'm Tired

Scrat's Dad Says Time For Bed

So Scrat Scratte And Scrat's Dad Fast Asleep In Bed

Chapter:4 A Happy Ending Ellie And Manny Get Married In Wedding Sees A Wedding Cake And Wedding Flowers

Sid Says Beautiful

Diego Says Lovely

Ariscratle Says Pretty

And Friends Cheered

Ellie And Manny The Rings On Manny And Ellie's Trunk

Manny And Ellie Kiss On The Trunks

Then The Screen Goes Black And Scrat Scratte And Scrat's Dad Kiss And Hugs

And The Credits Role Play A Song Called We Are The Champions Performed By Queen