Ice Age: The Kidnapping is an upcoming 2019 sequel to 2016's Ice Age: Collision Course and the sixth installment of the Ice Age franchise.

Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Josh Peck, Simon Pegg, Seann William Scott, Jennifer Lopez, Queen Latifah, Josh Gad, Wanda Sykes, Adam DeVine, Nick Offerman, Max Greenfield, Stephanie Beatriz, Keke Palmer, Michael Strahan, and Jessie J all reprising their roles from previous films. They are joined by Alexander Gould, Hayden Rolence, Noline Oliver, Bonnie Wright, Steve Blum, Shakira, Emma Watson, Mark Hamill, Jim Cummings, Sarah Silverman, and Rhianna who voiced the new characters introduced in this film.

Synopis Edit

Two years have passed since Ice Age: Collision Course and things have settled down again. The Sub-Zero Heroes have faced and survived: ice ages, floods, dinosaurs, breaking contents, and asteroid collisions. And now their most epicest adventure ever. Granny and Teddy have decided to move to The Valley, Buck, Gavin, Gertie and Roger decides to stay on the surface because they don't have any family back in Pellucidar (Aka the Dino World) and they liked it better on the surface. Peaches and Julian had a kid called Seymour and Sid and Brooke had a kid too called Scott. Also Diego and Shira also had a cub called Waylon. But Captain Marco and Captain Nak the two brothers of the late Captain Gutt kidnap Seymour and Scott! So the herd must get those two kids back and put a stop to the pirates once and for all!

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