Dragon was in a world he never saw before. The ground was covered with snow. Pine trees sprouted everywhere.

Dragon saw two squirells with small fangs walking by. "Hey you two!" he called to them. "Do you mind if I borrow

some of your fur to keep warm?" The squirells looked at him then ran off. Dragon sighed and looked for a place to

sleep. He found a cave and walked into it, still shivering. 'Oh well.' he thought. At least I have a place to sleep. To

tired to think anymore, Dragon closed his blue eyes and fell asleep. "Someone's sleeping in our cave!" "I have no

idea what that is." "Be quiet Sid he's waking up!" Blinking sleepliy, Dragon opened his eyes and saw seven creatures staring at him in shock. A sloth with fungus colored fur stepped foward, narrowing his bright blue eyes.

"Who are you?" he asked. Overcome with pain Dragon said, "My name is Dragon." "Told you!" two twin possums

cried. The sloth introduced himself. "The name's Sid and this is Manny, Ellie, Peaches, Diego, Crash, and Eddie."

"I better get going." Dragon said as he turned to leave. "Wait!" Sid said. "You can join our herd." Dragon knew

he had nowhere else to go. "Ok." he said. The herd lead their new friend to a clearing where they played.

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