Fandom This article is purely fandom and was fan-made. It is not considered canon to the main Ice Age series.
The Secret Life Of Pets Goes Into Ice Age
Directed by Chris Wedge

Chris Renaud

Yarrow Cheney

Carlos Saldanha

Produced by Lori Forte

Chris Melidandri

Written by Bryan Lynch

Chris Wedge

Carlos Saldanha

Narrated by
Starring Ray Romano

Louis C.K

John Leguizamo

Denis Leary

Eric Stonestreet

Kevin Hart

Jenny Slate

Queen Lafliah

Chris Wedge

Albert Brooks

Lake Bell

Dana Carvay

Keke Palmer

Chris Renaud

Music John Powell
Distributor 20th Century Fox

Blue Sky Studios

Universal Pictures

Illumination Entertainment

Release date(s) September 23, 2019 (Theatres)

January 1, 2020 (DVD-BLURAY-DIGHAIL HD)

Running time 1hr 46min
Country United States


Language English



MPAA Rating PG For Crude Humor, Mild Action, Some Action/Peril, And Brief Language
Preceded by Ice Age 5: Collision Course
Followed by
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The Secret Life Of Pets Go's Into Ice Age ( Or Known In A Few Countries As The Secret Life Of Pets 2 Or Ice Age 6) Is A Crossover Of The Secret Life Of Pets And Ice Age 


After Ice Age: Collision Course And The Secret Life Of Pets. Max, Duke And The Pets Find A Time Machine And Transports Them In The Ice Age. They Meet A Herd To Help Them Get Back Home. Meanwhile Peaches, Shira, And Brooke Are Pregnant.

Plot Edit

Coming Soon


Ice Age CharactersEdit

Ray Romano As Manny, The Mammoth. He Is The Leader Of The Herd And Ellie's Husband

John Leguizamo As Sid, The Sloth

Jessie J As Brooke, The Sloth. Sid's Wife And Joes Mother

Denis Leary As Diego, The SaborToothed Tiger. Shiras Husband And John's Father

Jennifer Lopez As Shira, A Female SaborToothed Tiger. Diego's Wife And John's Mother

Queen Lafliah As Ellie, The Mammoth And Mannys Wife

Keke Palmer As Peaches, The Mammoth. Julian's Wife And Zoeys Mother

Adam DeVine As Julian, The Mammoth. Peaches Husband And Zoeys Father

Nick Offerman as Gavin

Zoey (Doesn't Have A Voice)  Peaches And Juilans Daughter, Born At The End

John (Doesn't Have A Voice) Shira And Diego's Son, Born At The End

Joe (Doesn't Have A Voice) Sid And Brooke's Son, Born At The End

The Secret Life Of Pets charactersEdit

Louis C.K As Max

Eric Stonestreet As Duke

Kevin Hart As Snowball

Jenny Slate As Gidget

Ellie Kamper As Katie

Albert Brooks As Tiberius

Lake Bell As Chloe

Chris Renaud As Norman


  • This Was Originally Final Ice Age Movie, But Later In 2020, A New Franchise Called: The Ice Age Crossover Franchise Was Created.
  • Brooke, Peaches And Shira Will Give Birth To Kids


Gertie, Roger

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